Vampyre Heraldry

Most modern Vampyre Groups have their own symbols, crests or heraldry to represent them. Usually these are posted on a website or forum, and these days often on Facebook.

Known as a sigil, each one is a unique identifier for that Group or organization, in much the same way as businesses have a logo or a crest symbolizing the ethos of the Group, or what is important to its founders. The word sigil is used instead of crest, because it stems from use in the occult community, where sigils are used by Wiccan covens and similar groups.

In this section we present a selection of sigils of international Groups, as well as some from local Groups as examples (all rights and copyright remain with their creators).

Note: This displayed selection is by no means intended to represent the entirety of the number of groups in the VC, which is by far too large to represent here, but is simply a selection. Copyright for images displayed remains with their respective groups and/or creators.

International Vampyre Group Sigils:

1)House AVA 2) Suscitatio LLC 3) VCN 4) House Byron

5) IVA 6)  TUVUP 7) VN 8) House Kheperu

9)  The Dark Nations 10) House Araneus 11) House Eclipse 12) House Bennu 13) House of the Dreaming 14) House RavenShadow

15) Ordo Cruor16) House Chrysalis 17) 18) House Rosencroft

19) House TaruMae 20) Ordo Strigoi Vii (OSV) 21) VampCentral DotNet 22) Real Vampire News (RVN) 23) The Court of Lazarus

  1. House AVA (USA)
  2. Suscitatio Enterprises LLC
  3. Vampire Community News (VCN)
  4. House Byron (Spain)
  5. The International Vampyre Alliance
  6. Temple UVUP (USA)
  7. The Vampire Nations (USA – defunct)
  8. House Kheperu (USA)
  9. The Dark Nations (USA)
  10. House Araneus (Germany)
  11. House Eclipse (USA)
  12. House Bennu (USA)
  13. House of the Dreaming (USA)
  14. House RavenShadow (USA)
  15. Ordo Cruor [OrdoDe Lamia Lupus Cruor] (USA)
  16. House Chrysalis (USA)
  17. (USA)
  18. House Rosencroft (USA)
  19. House TaruMae (USA)
  20. Ordo Strigoi Vii [OSV] (USA)
  21. VampCentral DotNet  (USA)
  22. Real Vampire News (USA)
  23. The Court of Lazarus

South African Vampyre Group Sigils:

1) House Valur 2) HoH 3)  4) VA 5) House Nereo 6) SAVN 7)  8) 20131126_174956 9) Haven 10) Ink 11) Lilith 12) Listeners 13) Matron 14) Nyx 15) Shelley 16) Coven Veritas Logo cropped 17) Draygon

  1. House Valur (Mintaka)
  2. House of Havoc (Gacrux)
  3. The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA)
  4. The Vampyre Academy
  5. House Nereo (Gacrux)
  6. SA Vampyre News (SAVN)
  7. Coven of von Draco Dravana
  8. Coven d’Eir (Turais)
  9. The Order of the Dark Haven (Internal to SAVA)
  10. The Order of Crimson Ink (Internal to SAVA)
  11. The Order of Lilith (Internal to SAVA)
  12. The Order of Listeners (Internal to SAVA)
  13. The Order of the Dark Matron (Internal to SAVA)
  14. The Order of Nyx (Internal to SAVA)
  15. The Order of Shelley (Internal to SAVA)
  16. Coven Veritas (Mintaka)
  17. House Dova Sanguine (Ilyatha)
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