The following are useful resources for anyone wanting to know more about the real Vampyre Community, both locally and internationally.

South African VC Sites:

The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) – About the SAVA, its make-up, area, groups and membership.

The South African Vampyre Culture Center (SAVCC) – About Vampyre culture and sub-culture, both locally and internationally, with a focus on South Africa’s VC.

Vampyre Community Human Rights Advocacy Information page. –  A list of verifiable information resources, studies and surveys about the VC.

SA Vampyre News (SAVN) – Local oriented VC news.

Vampyre Bytes – Local platform for VC creativity.

House Valur – The home page of HV.

International VC Sites:

Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA) – The web resource of the AVA, including information, a breakdown of various VC surveys, and a public forum.

Suscitatio Enterprises LLC – A VC research company based in Atlanta, GA.

Sanguinarius: The Vampire Support Page – One of the oldest OVC information sites dating from the early 1990’s.

Real Vampire News (RVN) – A VC-focused US-based news and actuality site.

The Grave Yard Press (GYP) – A VC-focused US-based news and actuality site.

House Kheperu – The information resource of House Kheperu, cornerstone of a vamp-centric spirituality called “Kheprianism”, or “Kherete”. Headed by author Michelle Belanger.

Path of the Kherete – Web resource of the Kheprian spirituality.

External Resources:

The following are links to items which should provide tips to interested journalists on how to portray the Vampyre Community more accurately in their reporting.

How journalists can stop the spread of misinformation when reporting on the occult” – by Beth Winegarner.

Religious Tolerance – Ontario consultants on religious tolerance.

Genocide Watch – Monitoring genocide around the world.

Your rights as a refugee

The SA Constitution, Bill of Rights – as it affects the legal right of the Vampyre Community to exist.

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