The VC & Human Rights

Self-identified Vampyres and vampyric people, as Humans, face many of the same challenges as numerous other minority groups in our modern world. Many of these challenges come in the form of being singled out, isolated, persecuted and terrorized for simply being different, appearing different or believing differently to the majority of Human society.

As Vampyres, living the vampyric aspects of our lives covertly, we are often struck by the similarities between our community and other Human rights struggles against discrimination based on issues such as racial, sexual, culture and gender differences – and chiefly of all, based on differences of belief, religion and spirituality.

For many it has been a dream to develop a Human rights strategy or movement to lead a work for the acceptance and tolerance of Vampyre-kind. Sadly, with religious fundamentalist persecution and massacres in the Arabic world recently, and where many innocents in Africa and Ind0-China are still being murdered piece-meal by their own relatives on the assumption that they were “witches” or “vampires”,  this is not likely to materialize any time soon.

This section provides access to answers which can be used to clarify, answer and debunk some of the more common accusations leveled at Vampyres.

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