The Black Veil

Version 3 of The Black Veil is the currently most accepted and applied version of this guideline. Version 4 was written exclusively for use in the Ordo Strigoi Vii cult which is not considered (by its membership, and by the community) to be a part of the international Vampy(i)re Community.

Previous versions and of it are listed at the bottom of the page.

While the Veil is respected in South Africa, we have our own guideline, the Totum Lex Vampyrica (TLV).

“The Black Veil” (v. 3.0 Plus Information, by Michelle Belanger, with additional info by Sanguinarius).


“[Sanguinarius and support and endorse this version of the Black Veil.]

Below is the third version of the Black Veil endorsed by House Kheperu. To see other versions of the Black Veil and more information, please click back to Sanguinarius’s Articles Index, Vampyric Lifestyle & Culture and select a different version.

Respect yourself and present yourself so that others also respect you. Take care in revealing your nature. Explain what you are, not to shock, but to teach and to inform. Do not flaunt what you are, and know that whether you want them to or not, your actions will reflect upon the rest of the community.

Share your nature only with those with the wisdom to understand and accept it, and learn to recognize these people.

Among us, there are many different practices and many points of view. No single one of us has all the answers to who and what we are. Respect each person’s individual choices and beliefs. Learn about them and share what you know. Our diversity is our strength, and we should not allow misunderstanding to weaken our community.

Find the path that is right for you and uphold this freedom for others.

Do not allow your darkness to consume you. You are more than just your hunger, and you can exercise conscious control. Do not be reckless. Always act with a mind toward safety. Never feed because you think this makes you powerful; feed because this is what you must do.

Be true to your nature, but never use it as an excuse to endanger those around you.

Give respect to those who have earned it. Anyone can claim a title, but a true leader will prove him or herself through dedication, hard work, and great deeds. Even so, leaders should be guides and not dictators. Look to them as examples, but always decide for yourself what you must do.

Respect the person, not the position, and understand that your choices are always your own.

Know that there are repercussions to every action, and that you alone are responsible for your decisions. Educate yourself about risky behaviors, then always act with wisdom and common sense. Do not allow others to abuse you, but also, do not selfishly abuse.

Respect the rights of others and treat them as you would be treated.

Feeding should occur between consenting adults. Allow donors to make an informed decision before they give of themselves to you. Do not take rapaciously from others, but seek to have an exchange that is pleasant and beneficial for all.

Respect the life that you feed upon and do not abuse those who provide for you.

Reach out to others in your community. Exchange ideas, information, and support. Be hospitable to others, and appreciate hospitality when it is extended to you. Do not engage in illegal activity, for this can endanger us all.

Seek to nurture our community and support all those who do the same.

Written by Father Sebastiaan circa 1998 and revised by Michelle Belanger in 2000 & 2003.

Note: a copy of the Black Veil (v 3.0) appears in the back of the forthcoming book The Psychic Vampire Codex: A Manual of Magick and Energy Work, by Michelle Belanger.”


The Black Veil, Version 1.0 (Plus history) “Here is the first version of the Black Veil (the “forgotten” one), from 1999.”

The Black Veil, Version 2.0 (Plus history) “Composed by Michelle Belanger, here is the second version of the Black Veil, a voluntary code of ethics for vampiric groups and individuals, plus a little information about the version from Sanguinarius.”

The Black Veil, Version 3.0 (Plus history) “Michelle Belanger places ‘The Black Veil’ in context within the vampire community and offers some background information regarding it’s development and evolution. Includes version 3.0 of ‘The Black Veil’.” – This is the current updated version of the Black Veil by author Michelle Belanger.

The Black Veil, Version 4.0 (Plus history) “Herein lies the latest version of the Black Veil, the “Strigoi Vii Edition” (revised in February, 2007), plus an introduction and commentary by Sanguinarius.” – This version of the Veil is used by the Strigoi Vii, and NOT the real Vampy(i)re Community.

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