Cultural Contributions

The following cultural contributions were made to local and international VC cuture:

A development of a community law set, or guideline, or set of ethics – the Totum Lex Vampyric (TLV) for the SA VC. This has subsequently been translated into Spanish.

The Mintaka Code – a system of cyphers and glyphs and a vampyric alphabet.

Social engineering of the SA VC.

Efforts to prevent repeats of the PSI-Sang War locally.

Introduction of the term “omnivore” to substitute the then widely used term “Hybrid”, referring to Vampyres who feed using various methods – intended to remove the stigma created by the older term, and to restore the dignity of those who so identify.

Diplomacy in “first contact” between the SA VC, vampyric Pagans and the SA Pagan Community, 2011.

Development of a specialized online advocacy information resource for the Vampyre Community and human rights advocates.

Development and introduction of South Africa’s first ever introspective VC survey, the VVDFGS, launched on May 1, 2012, with the intention of gauging the applicability of certain stereotypes applied to the broader VC in the case of the SA VC.

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