Vampire Music v/s Vampyres IN Music

Vampyres, just like anyone else, love music. As far as we can tell, there have always been bands or performers who employ imagery of the Vampyre/vampire and even the image of the popular fiction as a metaphor for just about anything from love and romance to heartbreak and funerals, from death to reincarnation, and from blood lust to chaos, mayhem and destruction. Some were more successful than others, over time while many today are viewed as cliche’ or the style or genre of music of the time has fallen out of popularity.


While many, many performers have referred to the image of the fictional vampire over the years, some did it for the image, some to shock in order to draw fans or to generate enough controversy to fuel their rise to popularity. Others did it – well, because they really are Vampyres.


Telling the two apart can be fairly complicated, as you will see on the next pages. In fact, without knowing the actual meanings behind their lyrics, and without actually knowing the performers personally, it could be nearly impossible to tell them apart.

Just Enjoy The Music, It’s All in Good Fun

Regardless of all of the variables, and possible motives, music is entertainment, and Vampyres love to be entertained. There are numerous online radio (webcast/streaming audio) stations run by members of the VC or which cover items of interest to the VC, and so their playlists should give a good indication of what is popular with the VC at any given time, and what degree of overlap there is with mundane stations.


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