Often, real Vampyres are asked about “turning” and even begged, offered gifts and various bribes to “turn” them into Vampyres. Some people seem quite desperate to leave behind their sorry mortal existence to join the ranks of the undead. Just one little problem with that – we’re not undead. We are living creatures exactly like the Shinai or mundanes – just that often we are actually somewhat worse off than they are for the needs our condition graces us with.

Mostly those who ask to be “turned” do not know what they are asking for, they have no clue. But they want it anyway, because it will offer the chance to “stand out”, and be different from the teeming masses – and to be associated with the likes of Selene, Damon Salvatore and *urk* Edward Cullen.

Sorry – it’s not like that. Vampyres don’t sparkle, we don’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, we don’t live forever, we don’t all drink blood (many feed directly on energy without the medium of blood) – and we don’t need to kill people – not even the ones that annoy us or get in our way. You wouldn’t automatically become beautiful/handsome and popular just because you become a Vampyre. Not all of us are Hollywood beautiful either – just like the Shinai, we also have our flaws and failings, bills to pay and lives to live. Being like us will not magickally make everything better.

I am sure there are some in the Vampyre Community who say that they can “turn” a non-vampyre into a vampyre, and usually this will involve some sort of fee, for their services, a book of their religious writings, a jewelry purchase, a membership fee to a closed group, or some or other similar service.

Generally we hold the belief that Vampyres are born and awaken to their nature, usually around puberty, but sometimes, when the Vampyre is not aware of what they are awakening into, they remain technically latent in their development. It is possible to teach and mentor a latent Vampyre who has awakened alone, unwittingly and unaware of what they are, but while the debate on “turning” remains open, the probability of success in this endeavor is considered extremely slim, if not wholly unlikely.

Experience shows that telling people they can become something they cannot, creates unrealistic expectations and also a situation where someone becomes open to all manner of abuses which are considered unethical and immoral by our community.

Please make use of the following information sources and references in the public domain which allow people to evaluate what sort of entities they are dealing with, and whether or not they have encountered a cult or group which perpetrates scams.

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