Queens Vampire Research Center

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website appeared in 2012 alleging to be an official research facility focusing on vampires. Making a very convincing case for its outlandish claims pertaining to real living vampires, should someone take any of this seriously, they could be placed in danger, or endanger the lives of others.

According to the site:

“The QVRC was first started in 1823 by Felix Papadopol, at the time the head of the city library and an Austrian born doctor named Johannes Knauss.”

“The center has mainly focused in the beginning on text based research, information gathering and interpreting and then slowly expanded into account investigation, location-based observations and others.”

The website states the aim of the QVRC as:

“We at QVRC strive to provide insightful and meaningful data and information towards the goal of proving the existence of vampirism as a biological nature different from that of a human being. We also work towards learning from this and extracting useful information that can be applied or reversed engineered to work towards the benefit of man-kind.

Our latest research projects include gathering information on the continuation of an anti-vampirism vaccine and gaining more data or gaining knowledge for producing an all-response type of medication with little to no side-effects to be used by the human population at large.”

Clearly any government or well-funded private research facility would have the funds to pay for it’s own domain, would probably use its own servers – and probably would not even post such information publicly, even if it were true.

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