Radio Serials & Audio Miniseries

Ever since the advent of radio, and ever since there have been radio serials, there have been horror stories and series featuring vampires.

This section is about vampires in radio serials which strongly feature a vampire theme, or vampire characters. For vampire themed movies, click here. For vampire themed TV, web or miniseries, click here.


“What was the first vampire radio series?”

Before TV first began to grow as a public medium by the late 1940’s, radio had been around as a universal and public entertainment and information medium for several decades. Commercial audio radio broadcasts began in about 1920.

Radio is still an immensely popular medium, though features such as stories and serials have taken a backseat since the introduction of TV and music videos and the internet etc – although the medium has moved onto the internet to a degree, with room for private audio streaming radio stations.

In recent times, advances in technology have made possible the audio book, a recording, sometimes dramatized but mostly plain reading, of books for people with impaired eyesight to listen to. The dramatized radio serial is still, sadly, a dying art and much a thing of the past.

Comparative figures are given below:

Below is a comparison of output in terms of vampire-related series produced between the 20th and 21st centuries.

Total number of titles in this archive: x

20th Century titles: x

21st Century titles: 

The List

The following titles have been found which are either entirely or partially focused on, or inspired by the fictional or mythical classic vampire, derivatives of the Bram Stoker myth, or which allude to real Vampyres in some way.

Year, Title: (x)

20th Century TOTAL (x)

1940 – 1949 (1)

1940 I Love A Mystery: The Temple of the Vampires (20 episodes) [Few series from this era have survived in a listenable state. The few that have survived in a complete form include The Temple of the Vampires series.]

21st Century TOTAL (x)

2011 A Night With A Vampire – select vampire short stories read on Radio 4 by David Tenant (Download link)


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