About the SAVCC

The South African Vampyre Culture Center was founded under the auspices of the South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) on 23 January 2012 in order to create a more open, objective, honest, to-the-point, public and free information resource referring to South African Vampyre culture, which has existed in this country for quite some time, albeit in the shadows.

Intended primarily for reference use by awakening or solitary Vampyres seeking information about the local community and culture, the resource also caters for use by Shinai (Mundanes) and other non-Vampyres curious about Vampyre nature and Vampyre culture in South Africa.

While numerous international resources exist in a variety of languages (including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Icelandic, Italian, Greek, and even Japanese) each of these resources frequently caters more for the geographically located community in which they are based, rather than for those from other parts who stumble across them and find it difficult to connect or understand the culture from a foreign perspective.  Since our community and its community bodies have developed independently from external communities over time, it has also been an abiding consensus that the South African VC should be unique and South African – and proud of our ubiquitous diversity.

Building External Relations:

Our community views friendship as being vital to cooperation, development and growth, and as such we extend a hand of friendship to any and all individuals, communities, social groups and sub-cultures who express interest in interacting with us in friendly discourse, mutual co-operation in mutually-beneficial projects and/or miscellaneous matters of support.

Dispelling Stereotypes & Propaganda By Means Of Education:

The main aim of this information resource is to dispel misconceptions maintained by Shinai (mundanes) – both hostile and ignorant alike – and general critics who are ignorant of Vampyres, what we are, what we do – what is true and what is false, in order to distinguish fact from fallacy, truth from propaganda – and to get a better picture of the ins and outs of our culture.

Another important aim of the Center is to provide educational material to seekers of enlightenment in order to encourage safe interaction and to limit the risks prevalent in “underground” communities or subcultures such as ours – which are largely the result of ignorance and manipulation at the hands of charlatans intent on taking advantage of positions of trust in such communities. To these ends, we undertake to ascribe to accepted international norms pertaining to cult-awareness, and other community guidelines and safety standards.

Surveys And Statistics:

One of the functions of the Vampyre Academy is to keep statistics and to archive results of various community surveys, in order to keep track of trends in our developing community, which will be displayed on the Academy site as well as on the Culture Center site. The Vampyre & Vampyric Donor Focus Group Survey (VVDFGS) (Initiated May 1, 2012) has been the flagship of our surveys thus far.

This survey, starting on May 1, 2012, will gather useful statistics which will aid the cause of presenting a clear picture of South Africa’s Vampyre Community demographic, to reflect who we are, what we feel about our condition /state / identity or circumstances, and basically what sort of people we are, statistically speaking. Its primary goal is to investigate to what extent certain stereotypes regarding Vampyres are true or untrue in South Africa.
It is a survey being conducted from within the community, by Vampyres of Vampyres and will be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future.
The results of the survey will also be made publicly available in the form of statistics, charts and graphs – and the combined response material will be made available for inspection on request to interested academics or researchers.
About the VVDFGS survey.
Please read how to participate in the survey.
Survey questionnaire download link.
When complete, kindly return the survey questionnaire to savampyrealliance@aol.com.