Vampyre Society

Vampyre society, if situated in an ideal setting and allowed to flourish, is a rich and fascinating thing. It is rich in folklore, and steeped in diverse traditions. Being a diverse community, with individuals drawn from all classes, races, languages, cultures, sexualities, genders and any number of innumerable social settings, Vampyre society is as diverse as Shinai society, and can even be described as a microcosm of the same.

Vampyre society can be compared favorably to what is often laughably called “the vampire lifestyle”, and is often confused with gothic culture. Most Vampyre Community events do tend to have a heavy gothic flavor. However, not all goths are Vampyres, and not all Vampyres are goths. Surveys conducted within the community have resulted in the finding that yes, while many Kin who move in formal Vampyre circles will dress for certain events and occasions, most of the time they will wear “normal” everyday styles when in their Shinai role or Dayside lives.

Vampyre society includes real Vampyres, Swans and Donors, and often Otherkin as well. Sometimes there will also be Vampyre lifestylers, who are people who simply enjoy the vampire aesthetic but who do not identify as actual Kin – and who may or may not engage in role playing games outside of the VC. While in general VC history, these individuals have been looked down upon and ostracized, in recent times they have been fairly welcome within the VC, just as long as the role playing games remain outside.

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