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ScreenShot036Kanaan Ministries is a Christian fundamentalist organization based in South Africa which is, as to be expected, homophobic, transphobic, “pro-life” and “pro-family”. They are also anti-Vampyre, although they currently have not made much of it, they are perhaps best known in the local VC for a “study” conducted by their group of the international VC which was published on their website in 2009.

From the Kanaan Ministries website:

“Kanaan Ministries was founded by Roly and Amanda Buys with one desire: restoration … the restoration of the Bride of Messiah, as well as equipping the saints with the tools needed to walk in victory and blessing. This restoration takes place in all three areas of man: spirit, soul, and body. You will find our resources cover many different aspects and subjects, but always come down to our foundation: restoration. To find out more about us, please browse through the various sections, as well as the links below. We bless you in your walk with the LORD … may He reveal to you His Ways! Shalom!”

In December 2009 Kanaan published a report on the real Vampyre community, which contained a large amount of information gleaned from internet resources, lexicons, definitions and other information which they presented as an accurate assessment, however which only someone who knows the VC and its workings would realize, contained great deal of error. Its author also relies heavily on irrelevant references to the Twilight movie and book series for comparison and in order to try and carry her understanding to the unfortunate reader who is left with a poor impression of the subculture.

The report is posted online as a pdf file, and is called “Twilight: A warning”. It can be downloaded here. You will find it listed alongside other similar damning reports on Star Wars, Harry Potter, ADHD and the evils of the vuvuzela (can’t argue with the vuvuzela, especially if awoken by on in the wee hours). Other material on their site, including sermons, lecture most unexpectedly *gasp* on the ‘evils‘ of homosexuality, feminism, and sex for purposes other than procreation.

At the time this report was written, the local VC was not overt and did not have online resources as it does now – and by Kanaan’s own admission in later correspondence with them, they were unaware of any local VC, and frankly did not pursue any interest in confrontation with any. The study as it were may have been purely academic – unfortunately this material, which is available to the public, is inaccurate and misrepresents the VC with the expected evangelicalist bias. It does make a nice piece of vampophobic propaganda.

“Twilight: A Warning” is 49 pages of religious fundamentalist opinion on vampyrism, Wicca etc from a Christian fundamentalist perspective – using “Twilight” as a measure of what the real Vampyre community is all about. It shouldn’t take an educated guess to realize that the result is nothing short of hysterical.

After a lengthy explanation of the Twilight Saga books and movies by Stephanie Myers (with pictures), the writer dissects the promotion of vampyrism and blood drinking (and Wicca, of course) as a form of ‘satanism’ (surprise, surprise), and then launches into a prejudiced and wildly inaccurate analysis of  Vampyre Culture.

Among the plethora of errors on their part, the blood bond is not any form of “marriage” – it refers to the subtle bond between those who have shared life essences with one another, either exclusively or mutually. The vast majority of the terms referenced by the compiler are misinterpreted. Among the glaring and maddening errors is the misrepresentation of donors. Donors are referred to as “donor-vampires” or as a kind of vampire, rather than as standalone entities.

The writer argues that all Vampyres will indulge in killing humans or animals, links Vampyres to acts of overt cruelty and also links her understanding of vampyrism to wholly separate practices such as self-mutilation and masochism – and oddly enough, even tries to make us look “immoral” by throwing in some gender-bending on the side, relying on the old staple of the manic street preacher – sex-sationalism.

It is of course amusing that fanatics will even call us fanatics as in this case – and then throw in a name like Elizabeth of Bathory, who was at worst a depraved narcissistic serial killer and at best simply insane – and not truly Vampyre. Not to be outdone, extensive mention is also made in the article of other serial killers and megalomaniac dictators such as Stalin and Hitler.

Deliverance ministries (aka spiritual warfare ministries) are often the fanatical face of what many perceive to be a somewhat benign religion. The existence of such a research paper poses a conundrum for the local VC is this: Although these people take us very seriously indeed, serious enough to provide a research paper on our community and on how they interpret our existence. Considering that they have based their understanding of us on “Twilight” (shudder), this could be somewhat amusing should they ever decide to act against Vampyres.

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