Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency

The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency:


This is a spoof website for a supposed US government agency that never really existed. It supposedly made statements and radio interviews under the persona of Dr Hugo Pecos, supposedly the last living Director of the FVZA.

A well developed and intricate parody, it appears to be convincing enough to fool some people into thinking it was real.

In history sections, real historical events are linked to alleged vampire and zombie activity. The forerunner and inspiration for the FVZA is said to be the Vampire Investigative Bureau (VIB) allegedly established in London in the 19th century. Allegations are made of secret research being conducted around the world, from South Africa in the 1960′s to Sweden, the USA and Soviets. Supposed research laboratories are named, such as the Goessman Institute (Sweden), the Santa Rosa Institute and the Institute for Advanced Genetic Research.

Vampirism in this case is blamed on a virus, called the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV) – and it is probably one of the more prolific legacies of this spoof, since it circled the globe and has been used in various subsequent forms, even by participants in the real VC, to question the truth of the origin of real Vampyres.

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