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  • Q: “The witches and pagan circles I have belonged to for the last 12 years are not comfortable with the psychic vampire part of me. I am keeping fairly quiet about what I am but it is causing waves. I am shielding and masking my energy from those that can see but I may not be always successful. I do not want my spiritual family to be afraid of me and there is so much ignorance on what a psychic vampire actually is. I hope that they will grow and adjust to my full being. I am quite worried that they wont. Has the South Africa pagans welcomed vampires into their circles? Is there a precedent here of coexistence?

    A: There are indeed precedents. The SAVA engaged with the SA Pagan Council and SA Pagan Rights Alliance in 2011 to open dialog on this issue. Both organizations have openly shown welcome to Pagans who are Vampyres, or vampyric Pagans if you will. Although there were a few Pagan groups and figures who engaged in open hostility towards vampyric people in general, regardless of whether or not they were Pagan, the two most prominent groups acting as voices for the Pagan community in South Africa are aware of our existence and supportive of tolerance and welcoming to our kind. The SAVA also engaged in open debate with general SA Pagans in 2013, and this also improved relations between Pagans and Vampyres. (ARTICLE) This is not entirely a won battle, so our advice would be to proceed with caution until you know where you stand with Pagans you don’t know very well. A good approach when you decide to reveal, is to provide honest answers and give as much accurate information as possible. You are free to draw on resources such as those on this site. You can find other articles covering this topic here.

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