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Ever since the small screen came along, and ever since there have been TV serials, there have been horror stories and series featuring vampires.

This section is about vampires in TV, web or mini series which strongly feature a vampire theme, or vampire characters. For vampire themed movies, click here.


“What was the first vampire series?”

Television or TV as we call it today, was first invented and made practical in the 1930’s, and after its development was interrupted by WW2, it only began to grow as a public medium by the late 1940’s.

At first TV programming was sparse, unlike the radio networks of the day, which were at the time, much more popular, available and developed. TV schedules were short to begin with, filling just a few hours per day – whereas today we have continuous programming and broadcast, with literally hundreds of channels to choose from globally. The first vampires on TV were old black and white movies from the big scree run on late night TV in the late 1940’s. The first made-for-TV vampire themed shows only appeared in the 1960’s. The Munsters, the Addams Family and Dark Shadows have the distinction of being the first three.

Today virtually every country around the world has its own broadcast network, most of which makes its own series as well as importing and dubbing foreign series into their own languages  – and so it shouldn’t be surprising that there area great deal of vampire themed TV shows out there in an array of different languages from different countries and cultures, some of which have their own take on the nature or legend of the fictional vampire.

Comparative figures are given below:

Below is a comparison of output in terms of vampire-related series produced between the 20th and 21st centuries.

Total number of titles in this archive: 47

20th Century titles: 14 (over 2/3 of a century)

21st Century titles: 33 (already, by the start of the second decade!)

The List

The following titles have been found which are either entirely or partially focused on, or inspired by the fictional or mythical classic vampire, derivatives of the Bram Stoker myth, or which allude to real Vampyres in some way.

Year, Title: (46)

20th Century TOTAL (14)

1940 – 1949 (0)

1950 – 1959 (0)

1966_Dark Shadows The Munsters

1960 – 1969 (3)

1964 The Munsters
1964 The Addams Family
1966 Dark Shadows

Kolchak Salems Lot 1979

1970 – 1979 (2)

1974 Kolchack: The Night Stalker
1979 Salem’s Lot (miniseries)

Duckula Forever Knight

1980 – 1989 (3)

1985 The Little Vampire (13 episodes)
1988 Duckula [anime] (4 seasons)
1989 Forever Knight (3 seasons)

Buffy series Kindred

1990 – 1999 (6)

1990 Dracula: The Series
1991 Dark Shadows (12 episodes, cancelled)
1996 Kindred: The Embraced (8 episodes, cancelled)
1997 Buffy The Vampire Slayer
1998 Ultraviolet (6 part miniseries)
1999 Angel (5 seasons)

21st Century TOTAL (33)

Moonlight Vampire Diaries

2000-2009 (23)

2001 Hellsing [anime]
2001 Vampire High (1 season, cancelled)
2004 Stargate Atlantis (5 seasons)
2004 Salem’s Lot (miniseries)
2005 Blood+[anime]
2005 Chibi Vampire aka Karin [anime]
2005 Supernatural
2005 Trinity Blood
2006 Black Blood Brothers [anime]
2006 Blood Ties (2 seasons, cancelled)
2006 Blade: The Series (12 episodes, cancelled)
2006 Hellsing Ultimate
2007 Moonlight (24 episodes, cancelled)
2007 The Dresden Files
2008 True Blood (6 Seasons, current)
2008 Being Human [UK version] (5 seasons, cancelled)
2008 Vampire Knight [anime] (2 seasons)
2008 Rosario To Vampire [anime] (2 seasons)
2008 Sanctuary (5 seasons)
2009 Demons
2009 Valemont
2009 The Vampire Diaries (5 Seasons, current)
2009 The Gates (1 season, cancelled)

Being-Human-tv Originals

2010 – 2019 (10)

2010 Dance in the Vampire Bund
2010 Shiki
2011 Being Human [US version] (3 seasons, current)
2011 Death Valley (1 season, cancelled)
2011 My Babysitter’s A Vampire
2011 Vampire Prosecutor [Korean]
2013 Hemlock Grove (current)
2013 The Originals (current)
2013 Dracula (NBC, pending)
2013 The Strain (pending filming)

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