The Vampyre Community

A community is a group of individuals living together, or associating and identifying themselves as a specific group as defined by certain characteristics – this is the most basic definition of any community, regardless of whether these characteristics are related to politics, religion, race or culture.

For the Vampyre Community, this definition is simple. Our community is for and about Vampyres, those who self-identify as Vampyres, and – for whatever reason, those who affiliate themselves to us.

We know we exist, we are Vampyres. To Shinai minds, we may not fit the bill as we are living, breathing, mortal creatures, but it should be pointed out that as far as Vampyres are concerned, “it is what it does”.

In the minds of some people, Vampyres are not simply a fact of life, or another facet of an awesome nature, or another byproduct of an awesome creator (if that’s what floats your boat), but something that needs to be observed, suppressed, hunted and killed.

This results in a kind of community of people drawn together by a need to express themselves and to do so safely and in the company of others like themselves, who feel comfortable with them, and to feel comfortable as themselves. It is this need that has resulted in what we today call the Vampyre Community or “VC”.

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