Vampyre Laws and Guidelines

Are there Vampire laws? Well, in as much as our scattered communities are secretive in an “underground” sort of way, and with no real Vampyre governing bodies – no. But there are guidelines which are by and large followed by individuals and communities, which have solidified into a more or less coherent set of principles or guidelines.

One of these is called (very dramatically) “The Black Veil“. (It has also been called the Thirteen Rules of the Community, a practice since discontinued.) The Black Veil is probably one of the most widely used VC law or guideline. In South Africa, the SAVA supports use of either the Black Veil, and the local home-grown law-set called the Totum Lex Vampyrica (or TLV). The SAVA also acts as a Judicial Council for the local VC, in the same way as other communities have their own judicial councils.

Some Vampyres prefer the Wiccan Rede, and the main guideline in Wicca which says “If it harm none, do what thou wilt” – it pretty much covers everything as far as harming or respecting donors is concerned and still grants them the freedom to do as they like. Still, this rule doesn’t cover anything about the other aspects of secrecy included in the Black Veil – the secrecy which is actually necessary more for our protection – as individuals and a community – than anything else.

Since there are no central or even regional Vampyre “governments”, the adoption and enforcing of community laws is pretty much something left up to the individual and individual community Groups. Some examples of law sets and guidelines are included on this site.

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