A Seeker’s Guide To The International Vampi(y)re Community

Our community is international, multilingual and multicultural and stretches around the planet. Understandably, because we are also human, and living among the Shinai and because we also share their culture, our local communities make the international VC as diverse as the rest of human culture and society.

Therefore, in order for new entrants into the international VC, whether on or offline, to interact safely with others, they should be informed about the different kinds of community groups, and which as “safe” to interact with, and which may be viewed as “cults”, and those which may follow practices or customs that are considered unethical or contradictory to otherwise accepted codes and guidelines in the community.

Over the years, unscrupulous individuals have made use of their authority or seniority in their groups or local communities in order to indulge in their predatory fantasies or to indulge the predatory side of their vampyric nature. As a result of these indiscretions, lapses in judgement and abuses of authority, unfortunate incidents occurred which resulted in abusive behavior towards other Vampyres, Shinai friends of Vampyres, or towards Donors. Some groups within the community are elitist and adhere to a Vampyre supremacist ideology, something which is considered shameful within the mainstream community, and which is being actively discouraged.

Unfortunately, sometimes when unfortunate incidents occur and are reported to the general community, individual members react with apathy, and call it “drama” instead of condemning the individuals for these acts and/or taking what actions they can against them. Granted, since there is no central authority within the global VC, there is legally little any community leader can do against such individuals, especially if they reside in another country – but we can ensure that we are not identifed as being the same as them or holding to the same ideologies which lead to these embarrassing statements or shameful incidents.

Also within the VC, there are factions and groupings which hold to morals, ethics and guidelines which encourage fairness, decent treatment for all participants – and ultimately SAFE participation within their portions of the community.

Consequently, this brief outline of the various factions within the VC/OVC, their ideologies, and the politics at play between them, has been assembled and made available  in order to help seekers and the newly awakened find their feet in the minefield that the OVC/VC can be. It will be updated from time to time.

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