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At first glance this may seem to be “just another VC site”, but that is only at first glance. The message this site sends out is not quite like the hysteria of the “God Hates” site, and presents itself far more rationally than the site, but its overall intent and effect can still only be described as malevolent to the Vampi(y)re community at large.

The underlying reason d’teres of this site is its ideology that REAL vampires are the result of a viral infection which alters human DNA, and is transmitted via parental lineage and also through other means of infection. It claims to provide detailed medical evidence in the appropriate section to support this theory, and it therefore poses “turning” as a legitimate means of “vampire reproduction” while also postulating an equivalent of the generally accepted concept of Awakening for “inheritor vampires” as they call it, when referring to Vampyres reaching puberty.

The ideology presented by this material however denies categorically that real/living/human/self-identified Vampyres are in fact real Vampyres at all, but rather asserts that “real” vampires are a separate entity altogether, created by and existing as the result of a genetic viral infection. The ENTIRE Vampyre community as it exists, up to and including real self-identifying Vampyres, is therefore categorized as “pretenders” and “lifestylers”, and through this categorization (as will be made clear by reading through the “warnings” and “classes” presented on this site) as predators of children, con-artists, and scammers.

On the “Parent’s Page“, the site warns of people luring their children into illicit sex, drugs and other forms of abuse via online forums and information resources, message boards etc. The site portrays the real Vampyre Community as a group of online child-predators looking for children to rape, abuse or kill. Nowhere is this more visible than on the site’s “Parent’s Page“.

While nobody can guarantee that the person a child is communicating with online is not a child-predator, there are also no guarantees that the person they are communicating with, and who may be a child-predator, is really a member of the Vampyre community at all. In fact, if you look at the over-all number of criminal convictions of child-predators world-wide, it should be obvious from the lack of any direct connection of these to the community of real self-identified Vampyres, that this generalization is inaccurate, the fears it is founded on woefully misplaced and completely unfair. The truth is that child-predators do exist – and will pose as ANYTHING or ANYONE in order to get what they want – including real Vampyres.

At some points, I found myself wondering if perhaps the creators of the site had some good intentions, but they continually failed to clarify the differences between non-vampyre “pretenders” and real Vampyres sufficiently enough, to an extent which should indicate very clearly that any actual harm claimed by them to be done, is done by these “pretenders” and NOT by the actual Vampyre community itself.

An example of why I say this is found in another quote from the site, at the top of the “Predators” page, which states: “We are going to talk here about the real predators of this world. No, they are not the real vampires. They are the vampire pretenders. The role players and posers who intentionally prey upon all those who believe in the old myths of the romance novels. These are the ‘victims in waiting’ who constantly say they will do anything to meet or become a vampire.” As you can see, this directly contradicts what it says on the “Parents Page“, where it tars and feathers anyone online claiming to be a vampires as a child-predator, with absolutely NO caution to indicate otherwise.

The extensive listing below this quote mentions harm done by scammers and con-artists, and although the mention at the top of the page indicates that this section addresses “Predators” who are “Pretenders” and “Lifestylers” – not enough is done through the page and its listing to indicate that these people were not claimed by them to be real self-identified Vampyres or anything other than con-artists and scammers who saw a good thing when it came walking up to them. This omission results in an unfair, false and damaging reflection on the real Vampyre community.

If it were a realistic and unbiased research site, in my opinion, as its creators claim it is, then it would not seemingly intentionally cast such a truly inaccurate and prejudiced reflection. Further, I believe the intentions of the creators of this site were malevolent towards the real Vampyre community because it claims (on the “Bloodists & Fetishists” page) that “these are NOT vampires, because they are not infected with the virus and do not have the Vampire Medical Condition. However, many still tend to call themselves vampires because they actually physically take blood from one another.” This in itself reveals malevolence and the intention to mislead – because if Vampyres are “not infected with the virus” which DOES NOT EXIST, then ergo, they are “not vampires”. In the end, I realized that the “pretenders” and “lifestylers” they refer to throughout the site as being dangerous and child-predators etc – is the ACTUAL Vampi(y)re community!

There is a “Medical Reality” page on the site – teeming with nonsense information about gene sequencing and DNA alteration and other tripe about a virus which up until the FVZA (Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency) PARODY website came along, did not even start circulating on the internet. When “Ultraviolet” came along in 1998, the idea took off like wildfire. But as you can doubtlessly tell by now, the idea itself is not new. The very first mention we know of that refers to a medical condition (rather than a metaphysical/spiritual or religious explanation for vampirism – ie the walking dead or “undead”) stems from a sci-fi novel “I Am Legend” by Richard Matheson, which presents vampyrism as a disease that alters the body. In the late 20th century the same “viral theory” emerged in the Blade movie series, and in the early 21st century, the Underworld series also used it as a plot device as well. It is fairly logical that in modern times where various mysteries of our history have been explained away by the development of sciences and technologies, that someone – and perhaps quite a few ‘someones’ hit upon the same idea – that of using a ‘disease’ or ‘virus’ to explain the origins of vampire myths – and even within the real VC itself, there is a tendency to favor biological origins for our kind – however, there is as yet no tangible proof to demonstrate this.

The information they lay out as an alleged explanation of how their virus “works” is sufficiently vague and beyond common understanding that they could lay out absolutely anything there and nobody who is not a genetics professor could prove otherwise. Their own explanations – standing on their own, and without any supporting material from anywhere outside their own site – are supposed to be taken as definitive proof of fact. They refer to “medical facts” repeatedly WITHOUT providing anything resembling such.

Throughout this entire 26 page website, NOT ONE SINGLE verifiable medical or other researchable study, or contactable reference is referred to or mentioned to support the existence of ANY form of “vampire virus”. THAT in my opinion, is the “Medical Reality”.

The “V5 virus” label as pushed by the creators did indeed ORIGINATE from the BBC TV miniseries “Ultraviolet” (starring as a matter of interest, the same actor who plays vampire Bill in True Blood a decade later). How do we know that this V5 virus does not exist as “THE V5 Virus”? Because the person who created the V5 virus name, concept and the explanation of how it supposedly worked for the TV show, was actually a member of the Vampyre community – and who wrote a letter which was circulated through several VC sites in order to explain that it was NOT genuine, and that any sites peddling the V5 virus as the de facto cause of vampirism are a HOAX. The very same sort of rubbish is promoted as FACT on a website called “”, which is working quite hard to discredit and spread false information about the real Vampyre community.

Much of the material discussed on the “Genetics” page is almost a direct reference to material found on the FVZA parody website which also pushes a synthesized viral origin theory for vampirism, described there as the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV), and which also discusses the same story about “capping” the cells to prevent degradation through aging etc. The site authors also make extensive reference to “the K-17 virus” which they claim is just another name for the same virus responsible for causing vampirism – but as it turns out, K-17 was also part of promotional material for a TV series or movie  – in this case, a 2001 Australian movie called “Reign in Darkness“. While it is quite expected that some elements of fiction will circulate as “hoaxes” over time – starting with the radio-dramatization of Orson Wells’ “War of the Worlds” in the 1930’s, those doing the circulating often don’t realize or care about the harm they cause.

However, as the Vampi(y)re community, we need to be careful when assessing or criticizing sites like this, because many of us feel that what we are is something that occurs naturally, with some form of biological connection at its root, possibly genetic. While those who feel this way would love to have closure in being able to put their fingers on an answer to say “I knew it! It’s genetic!”, there is still no way of knowing – or proving if it is or isn’t. In any case, regardless of it’s causes, our nature is nothing like how the authors of this site present them. We are not supermen – we do not fly or leap tall buildings in a single bound (not even with a decent run-up on a windless day or with a trampoline or even with a jet-pack strapped to them). We do get ill – some of us even famously so, and we do die. People who post material like this carelessly and recklessly, equate our nature and our situation with a virus – a disease, while simultaneously encouraging us to hesitate whenever the potential to discover or acknowledge that we may well have our origins in genetic nature, arises.

To claim authoritatively that vampyrism IS caused by a virus – and asserting that those calling themselves Vampyres while NOT having such an infection, are “fakes” – what does that make those who built the site? They do so in the absence of *any* proof that such a virus even exists. Further, if we believe that we are born Vampyres, then there is most likely a biological cause, possibly far more a genetic trait than that of a complex “retro-virus” which is certainly harder to explain and account for. As in the case of sexual orientation and gender identity being set by genetics as also by other biological factors such as hormonal influences in the womb, there may be many biological factors which could be the cause. Ideally there will be a study done one day that will pin-point something “waving a little flag” to say “look at me!”. Until that time, stamping one’s foot to say “THIS unproven theory with absolutely nothing to back it up is the cause of vampyrism”, and calling everyone else who disagrees “fake” and then making out how “dangerous” they are by default, is unrealistic, malicious and just silly.

As is visible on the “Classical” page, which refers to the fictional variety of vampire as depicted in myth and in modern fiction, the authors first attempt to separate their version of “real vampires” from the fiction – and then go on to completely and utterly blend, mix and match real and unreal – and to create a hodge-podge of pure fiction, all while still managing to separate itself from the actual real Vampi(y)re community, which it attempts to discredit under the term “Bloodists”. It also discredits psi-Vampres as “real” Vampyres, while affirming their psychic abilities, but creating an impression that they are “still human” while the “real vampires” are “not”.

The list of made-up terms (which as a medium-to-long-term participant in the VC I have NEVER encountered before now) such as “Bloodists”, “Night-Timers”, “True-Bornes”, “Inheritors”, “Classicals” etc is quite extensive. To borrow a quote from a Terminator movie, “…the delusional architecture is quite complex…”. Anyone would think that this entire site is aimed at promoting a new series of vampire-themed novels or even a movie or TV series – but it’s pretty clear that the authors are seriously promoting a deliberately skewed resource which repeatedly reinforces the message that:

1) Yes, there are real vampires out there, and they are the result of a viral infection that is so secret that only WE know about it.
2) No, they are NOT the real Vampi(y)re community that calls themselves “real Vampi(y)res”, because they are a bunch of child-predators, blood fethishists, psychic leeches and “lifestylers”.

Just in case you are looking for someone to blame, the site was supposedly created and managed by someone calling themselves “Catherene NightPoe” – who is, rather conveniently, also quite dead. A death notice by her husband places her death in 2007. However, it seems that at one time at least, quite a few individuals were involved with this site, and it seems that at least one other (still living) person must be managing it. It is also linked to an online store on, calling itself “the Vampire Shop” – selling books – not about real vampires or technical and scientific theses and manuals, but fantasy novels. I think that probably says it all. This site is a marketing ploy for selling books and DVDs on Amazon.

As can be seen on the “Teacher’s Lounge” page, Catherene NightPoe appears to have been linked to vampire subculture in the past, appearing in TV shows, being referenced in Catherine Ramsland’s book about the VC “Piercing the Darkness” – a book considered by the VC to not give a generally very flattering presentation of the community. She also claims to have been married to a “Classical vampire” and herself being a “Night Timer”. This changes the complexion of the material presented – to the degree that the individuals who maintain(ed) it buy into this ideology – and that they view(ed) themselves as being “real” Vampi(y)res – while clearly denouncing the rest of the Vampi(y)re subculture including real self-identified Vampi(y)res. This makes the entire web resource and its information symptomatic of a grudge-match or separation from those with differing views – very much the same as in the case of

This explains the biased nature of the material and statements made on the site, the hostility of the creators, and their self-identification with the classifications and fictional representations of what makes a real vampire –  which they appear to have dreamed up by themselves. If anything, this site represents nothing more than an isolated branch of the evolutionary timeline of the development of our modern Vampyre community – an isolated, cut-off and dying branch.

Meanwhile, the authors of the Vampiric Studies site continue to enforce their notion of what “real” Vampyres are, all the while pushing the message that “real vampires are killers”, “vampires are unpredictable”, “vampires are child-predators”, “vampires are dangerous” etc. In doing so, whether the uninitiated reader thinks of fictional vampires – or the real Vampi(y)re subculture, they end up being steered towards the notion that either or both are people not to be trusted, liked or believed – and that they are dangerous and to be feared. And we all know by now what happens when people fear something – they end up hating it.

I suppose that can be excused under the assumption that the thing being feared and hated is fictional and does not therefore exist – but in this case the audience is being steered towards fear and hatred of something which they admit to knowing does indeed exist – us.

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