What Is A Real Vampyre?

“What is a real Vampyre?” “Am I a Vampyre?” These are questions we hear a lot in the Vampyre community. These are usually questions we dread, because we hear them so much – and end up explaining ourselves to the point of running out of breath – and patience.

“Real Vampires?” What’s that? Somebody who goes around calling themselves a Vampire can’t be “normal” can they? In fact, they’re probably batty. Why add the word “real” to the description?

Well, because the existence of Vampyres has been a sordid, secret affair – made all that much more vague by myth and lore, and also popular fiction, books and movies like Twilight, Vampire Diaries and True Blood. These days it is hard to be taken seriously when you discover you are vampyric, when the first thing that pops into people’s heads is coffins, plastic fangs, Count Dracula and *shudder* Edward Cullen.

Many people eagerly list “symptoms” of being a Vampyre, which you can read up online in places like Sanguinarius or the House Kheperu website and countless others in the hope that somebody will reach out, pat them on the back and say in a sincere, affirming voice: “Kid, you’re a Vampyre”.

The simple truth is that nobody else can decide for you that you are one, you just know you are. In fact, that is one abiding principle which is most often encountered in the Vampyre Community. You can realize you are one, and someone who knows how can identify you as vampiric, and perhaps break the news to you – but as for the rest, it is a process of self-realization. This process whereby you come to terms with your Vampyre nature and discover your innate abilities or talents, or your weaknesses, is called Awakening – when you know. EVERY established Vampyre House or group out there will tell you that.

So what are we?

This of course begs the question “What is a real Vampyre?” How can I tell? Many people produce lists of what they are going through as opposed to what they think will qualify them as a member of the club, with a corner office – and no, nine out of ten, it doesn’t fly.

The principles of these “check-lists” and “tests” are heavily influenced by fiction, the same big-screen movie fiction that says a vampire is a supernatural being and therefore, to be a Vampyre you MUST have extraordinary abilities.

Being a Vampyre is being hungry for life-energy – it’s not an easy path, and it’s nothing like the fiction. “Twilight” or “Vampire Diaries” is a good example of what people think it is like, but if only it was that good – it isn’t.

First we have to define a real Vampyre. Perhaps as an introduction, the best way to define a real Vampyre is to define what we are not.

  • Vampyres do not “only” drink blood. They eat and drink other things too, just like “normal” people. In fact, it seems most Vampyres consume no blood at all, but feed on energy, chi, ki or prana (life energy).
  • Vampyres do not need to kill people to drink their blood. The average Human body contains 8 – 10 liters of plasma. No Vampyre could consume that much blood at one sitting without becoming seriously ill, or probably exploding, which would be something of a fashion disaster. On average, the most that is consumed at a time is around a shooter glass full, although some are known to consume more, and the gaps between feedings vary according to the individual.
  • Vampyres do not attack people for blood or energy, they use the services of consenting, willing Donors who share their life essence with them. The voluntary nature of Donors should provide a big HINT as to why we speak of Donors, and not “victims”.
  • Vampyres are not some separate species, we are still human.
  • Vampyres are not dead or undead creatures.
  • Vampyres do not burst into flames or turn to ashes in sunlight.
  • Vampyres do have reflections – some spend hours in front of a mirror.
  • Vampyres do not need an invitation to enter anyone’s home – but it is only polite to ask, otherwise it is breaking the law *wink*.
  • Silver has no abnormal effect on Vampyres, except to make them better dressed and slightly heavier.
  • Vampyres do not live forever, are not physically immortal and can die just like anyone else. Staking, fire or shooting or beheading a Vampyre will kill them just as surely as it would kill any living creature. Silly question, really.
  • Most Vampyres do not have natural fangs, just the “lucky” ones do *wink*. Some like to keep a pair of prosthetic fangs around for special occasions, like parties and so on.
  • Most Vampyres look nothing like those portrayed in fiction, nor do they look Gothic, or Emo – in fact, why would someone dress to stand out more, when it is more beneficial for them to blend in? In fact, many Vampyres dress just like everyone else.
  • Vampyres definitely do not sparkle, unless you sprinkle them with glitter.

So what is a real Vampyre then?

A Vampyre is a person who has a natural energy deficiency which can only be remedied by the regular intake of energy or prana, which can be found in animal or Human sources as well as in certain non-living sources.

Vampyres still have the same everyday problems Mundanes have, plus a few extra – like having to deal with a need we didn’t ask for. And on top of that, the ethical issues this poses for us. Where to feed. How to feed. Where to find donors, how to explain it to people. What will happen when they find out, etc.

The simple truth is that anyone can have above average hearing or vision or even PSI abilities. In most cases, these are things that can be enhanced or even learned – even manipulating energy can be learned. In fact, anyone can PSI feed, but not everyone benefits from it, and not everyone has to.

Not even being light sensitive is a clear indicator of being Vampyre – sure, many of us are light sensitive, but so are many Shinai too. And the idea that not having a father-figure in your life as a child can turn a child into a Vampyre, is about as ridiculous as when people claim the same thing “makes” people gay.

To be an actual Vampyre, all you really need is a naturally occurring deficiency in energy which you cannot satisfy except by taking energy from external sources – whether by means of the consumption of blood or chi/prana/PSI; or via energy in body fluids, or in any other non-corporeal form. Not doing this makes you ill or has other noticeable or even severe consequences which for the most part cannot be effectively treated with conventional medical methods.

If there were to be a basic, clear definition of what makes a real Vampyre, then that would be it.

We know we exist, we are Vampyres. To Shinai minds, we may not fit the bill as living, breathing, mortal creatures, but it should be pointed out that as far as Vampyres are concerned, “it is what it does”. We feed off the life force, we break religious laws and societal norms which result from ancient religious prescripts – and this tends to get us just the wrong sort of attention.

It is what it does.

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