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When it comes to finding evidence of what makes Vampyres “genuine”, it is hard to do, especially without knowing what to look for, and how to find it.

Most real self-identifying Vampyres claim to feed off prana or life-force energy, and whether they do so from blood, or using psychic means, these claims are often met with skepticism. Of course, some will even claim that Vampyres who drink blood, do so in order to give credence to their claims, as it is more visible than “claiming” to psi feed. The burden of proof, as usual, seems to rest on the Vampyre.

In terms of sanguinarian Vampyres, it is held as a universal truth even in the VC that anybody can drink blood (or feed psychically) and call themselves a Vampyre – but that only a real Vampyre has to do this in order to stay healthy.

However, producing actual evidence of these claims can be rather tricky. While no actual studies or research appears to have been done yet to either support or disprove the scientific or medical validity of the claims of sanguinarian Vampyres, or the effects or dynamics of sanguine feeding, or lack of feeding – there does appear to be some existing evidence to suggest that there definitely is something to the phenomenon of energy feeding, or psychic vampyrism worth investigating further.

EVIDENCE – Psychic Vampyres: Kirilian photography demonstrates not only the transfer of energy between Vampyre and Donor, but also the differing energy states of both subjects, before, during and after feeding.

Consecutive laboratory studies at Athens State University and the Parapsychology Foundation of New York, by Joe H. Slate PHD, produced definable results and photographic evidence demonstrating before, during and after energy emissions of both Psi Vampyres and donors during feeding sessions. Much of the findings of the studies also seem to confirm many of the experiences and theories held by Psychic Vampyres in the community. It is worth noting that Slate is not a fan of real psychic Vampyres, and has written several books warning against them, as well as promoting several “defensive techniques “.

Before Feeding During Feeding After Feeding

A 2006 History Channel documentary, called “Vampire Secrets” includes a demonstration of this experiment, conducted on camera, and shows Kirilian photography of the electromagnetic field around a psychic Vampyre‘s fingertips before, during, and after drawing vital energy from a donor. It also shows the electromagnetic field around the fingertips of the donor.

EVIDENCE – Psychic Vampyres: Captured on video before witnesses, including skeptics, a psychic Vampyre drains sufficient energy from a volunteering skeptic to cause a temporary physical collapse.

In a documentary called “The Secret Life of Vampires”, demonstrable effects of psychic vampyrism are shown. Note in the first clip, part 4 (from 6:28) to the second clip, part 5 (to 0:12) a Vampyre (Don Henrie) and 2 assistants appear to drain enough energy from a very vocal skeptic to make him collapse.

EVIDENCE – Psychic Vampyres: Captured on video, fresh batteries in a video camera filming a psychic Vampyre, suddenly and mysteriously lose power while a Vampyre is discussing how batteries do not hold their charge around her.

In a documentary called “The Secret Life of Vampires”, demonstrable effects of psychic vampyrism are shown. In part 5 (4:48 to 5:10) while Michelle Belanger is talking about how she seems to drain batteries in mobile phones and other electrical equipment, the freshly-charged batteries on the video equipment recording the interview, suddenly lose power.

EVIDENCE – in a poll conducted in August 2015, the South African Vampyre Academy, a VC research and statistics gathering entity, found that ten out of ten Reiki practitioners interviewed claimed to be not only aware of Vampyres and vampyric people, but also to be able to identify them by their energy signatures, by sight, feel or touch, suggesting that there is something definable and different between Vampyres/vampyric people and non-Vampyres which warrants further investigation.

Vampyre Academy Reiki Survey Aug 2015 – “In the period July-August 2015, the Academy conducted a closed survey of Reiki practitioners who were willing to participate. Respondents who were interviewed hailed from South Africa, the UK and Finland. The subject of the nine question survey was Vampyres and vampyric people as perceived by a random selection of Reiki practitioners.”

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