Is There A Cure?

This is a loaded question that implies being vampyric is some kind of disease. Should Vampyre nature be viewed as a disease, especially by Vampyres themselves, then Vampyre-kind would start walking a very slippery slope indeed. As Vampyres, we believe our nature is not a disease or some affliction, but a birthright.

Shinai culture provides us with an analogy: For decades in the 20th and even early 21st centuries, people viewed sexual orientation  as a matter of “preference” and gender identity as fixed by physical appearance and birthright. Those who identified as LGBT people were labeled “deviants” and persecuted for “choosing” what many perceived to be “dangerous” or “threatening lifestyles”. It took science to change people’s minds, science to deliver proof of differences from the norm in terms of genetics, in terms of nature and birth order and other medical evidence. We see no reason to doubt that, in time, science will deliver similar evidence to demonstrate that Vampyre-kind also has an inborn and immutable nature.

In the meantime, there is an unfortunate situation that befalls many Vampyres looking for explanation or even acceptance from those who appear to be experts in the fields of energy work – that is, they encounter frauds and snake-oil salesmen, and frequently, those who would abuse them.

Due to an unfortunate tendency among certain religious doctrines to condemn things they know exist but do not understand, even among non-mainstream belief systems – and even among healthy skeptics, the intolerance of diversity and difference by some individuals tends towards a knee-jerk reaction which centers on “fixing” things that are not actually broken. More often than not, the motivation for this “fixing” is not out of consideration for the individual, but is aimed at ridding the world of Vampyres.

The principle behind this is in practice something like an “ex-Vampyre” movement, although no such actual movement exists in name or form – but the effect is to encourage Vampyres (particularly energy or psychic Vampyres) to endure “reparative treatments” to try to “cure” them of vampyrism, the need to absorb energy via one or other method, and to make them “just like everyone else”.

The assumption on their part is that what we are has no right to exist or to be a part of nature, as we are. Their reaction is one borne out of fear of the unknown, and rejection of that which they do not understand borne out of that fear.

An individual born to a vampyric nature can no more be an “ex-Vampyre” than a cat can wake up one morning and decide to be a dog.

Included below are a few examples of Vampyres who have confided in energy workers known to them, and the reactions these provoked:

“I spoke to a reiki massage professional I know. I told him about my vampyric nature. His response:

“Not good – maybe you need to see a specific healer that specialises in this stuff – I know of 2 and I can pass on details to u.”

I do not really see my psi vamp status as a disease, do you? What do you think of his response to try and fix me?”

“I had a ‘friend’ who was very interested in how he describes my daily living feeding paterns and all that. Turns out he thought he could create a cure through energy healing and I was the intended research subject. He made me feel like I was this broken person who needed to be fixed asap for the good of mankind. Why cant people just accept us for who we are?”

Some advice for the Vampyre considering offers of “cures” or “reparative therapy”:

Many reiki workers can recognize and often know about the existence of Vampyres. Some are Vampyres themselves, many are not. Some are friendly to our kind, some are not. Some can be enlightened, some are closed-minded. It is the closed-minded and intolerant who will offer to change you.

A Vampyre is a Vampyre by nature, not by illness or other energetic affliction that can be “cured” or “repaired”. No reiki practitioner is able to alter the make-up of an individual to the point where they become something else. Although they may be able to reorganize the energy centers of the body in order that they more resemble what is considered “normal” for non-Vampyres, this in effect is a state which is rejected by our being and results in injury, illness and suffering on the part of the Vampyre, to no avail.

This “fixing” which results in grievous personal harm to the Vampyre (who would in effect still be vampyric, only unable to feed or to function normally) in itself would need to be undone by another reiki healer. Many references to this sort of self-righteous and arrogant assumption by energy workers who view Vampyres in a hostile light or as a “problem” can be found across the VC.

All Vampyres are urged to avoid allowing this sort of person to conduct any therapies or treatments that could be construed as a form of “cure” for vampyrism, since their motives are to eliminate Vampyres from the natural world regardless of the suffering it will cause to Vampyres – and based on the supposition that Vampyres in and of their own nature exist to cause harm.

Consider that being vampyric is a state conferred upon Vampyres as a part of the bigger picture of Nature itself. Everything in nature serves a purpose, no matter how obscure or unclear, even Vampyres. Take pride in being you.

This is exactly why it is important for Vampyres to have a community voice and a community identity, embodied by entities such as the SAVA (or relevant groups in your area). Not just to educate and inform our own kind or outsiders, but also to support our kind when they face discrimination and prejudice and even oppression and hostility. To do that, these groups need the support of members and non-members, in spirit, in voice and in deed.

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