Websites & Forums

The South African Vampyre Community Page (Facebook).

The Real Vampire Forum – (Forum.)

The International Vampire Alliance (IVA) – (Forum, concept, logo, layout and design by Octarine Valur, with support from several community figures.)

The Vampi(y)re Judicial Council (VJC) – (Forum, drafting of the VJC Constitution, and development of the concept along with input from various international stakeholders and community members).

House Valur – (Site, logo, articles available for reading, and information about the House, its traditions and members etc. All other projects and websites flowed from House Valur.)

  • The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) – (Website for SAVA, About, SAVA statements, community alerts, who’s who, policy and other documents.)
    • The Vampyre Academy (Website for VC related research and surveys, scientific data etc.)
      • The SA Vampyre Culture Center (SAVCC) – (Website, compilation of data, research etc. compiled from web-trawls, including lists of Vampyre names, terms, lexicon, heraldry etc.)
      • The Vampyre History Project – (Research into and compilation of all posts relating to mention of vampires and Vampyres in recorded history, news articles, events in the international VC.)
    • The South African Vampyre Community (Portal) – (Website, logo.)
    • SA Vampyre News (SAVN) – (Website, logo, most articles. SAVN is a SA VC newsletter.)
    • SA Vampyre Nuus (SAVNuus) – Website, logo, some articles. SAVNuus was the the Afrikaans language version of SAVN, but was discontinued because of the labor intensive process of translating all articles and posts.
    • Vampyre Bytes – (Site, logo, some poetry and other literary contributions. Vampyre Bytes is an art/creativity site to showcase the creativity of the VC.)

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