Noteworthy Documents

The Totum Lex Vampyrica (TLV) – (released 5 September 2010, wording, content and layout by Octarine Valur, with input from various international VC members.)

Three secular rituals, the Pacta Sunt ServandaYearling Ceremony, and Suscipiat Novum Membrum, written by Octarine Valur.

The Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community – (released 18 January 2011, work on this document by several international contributors was coordinated by me, and the final wording and the introduction were largely influenced by Octarine Valur.)

The Fledgling Vampyre’s Guide – a 6 volume set of manuals used within House Valur, and forming the basis of what was hoped to one day become the Vampyre Academy of online learning.

The Magister and Group Leader’s Guide – (Octarine Valur wrote this manual explaining from experiences gained, on how to establish and run a new developing community. This was distributed in February 2012 to young communities around the globe, including Russia, Norway, Canada, the Philippines, and the USA.)

SAVA Statement Regarding Vampi(y)re Ethics Towards Donors & Non-Vampyric Participants in the SA VC – (released 21 August 2012) – the SAVA policy regarding safe community participation in the SA VC.

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