The following are useful documentary video references designed to show with transparency what real Vampyres are – regular people with slightly different needs.

Vampires – The Show (2012) Season 1: New Orleans Season Trailer

Vampires: New Orleans introduces the intricate subculture of Vampires in New Orleans. Vampire myths are broken down and the Vampire culture redefined as the Vampires themselves see it. Here you’ll find out who they are, how they feed and what they think about the rumors that they sparkle! Ep 1 Commentary.

Travis- a psychic vampire- shows us how he feeds, what he does for a living and introduces us to some important people in his life. Ep 2 Commentary.

Belfazaar, or Zaar, gives us a preliminary look at how voodoo and vampirism intertwine in his everyday life as a vampire. He even gives us a first hand look at what it’s like to feed off of blood. Ep 3 Commentary.

Get acquainted with New Orleans’ premiere fangsmith, Maven Lore, as he takes us into the world of fang-making. Ep 4 Commentary.

The New Orleans Vampire Association talks about the past, present and future and about how Hurricane Katrina changed the vampire community in New Orleans forever. Ep 5 Commentary.

Travis shows us his day-to-day through his own point-of-view using his flip cam. We get to see how his day plays out as he spends time with Josie, gets ready for the baby and goes out partying in the Quarter.

Zaar gives us the basics of Voodoo and explains how it works into his life as a Vampire.

Pranic Vampire Jezabel DeLuna spends Mardi Gras reading tarot in Jackson Square and discussing how she feeds, her belief system, and how it affects her life.

Zaar, Travis and Jezabel discuss their awakenings, how they dealt with them, and the reactions of friends and family.

  • Vampire Secrets (2006) Watch the full documentary here.

Vampire Secrets“Vampire Secrets is a 2006 docudrama about the mythology and lifestyle of vampires, produced by Indigo Films for the History Channel, and narrated by Corey Burton.

The documentary features the history of vampires from Indian (Hindu goddess Kali), Greek, and Chinese origins, and references to the Bible and ancient Mesopotamia.”

  • A video circulated in 2013 on Facebook, created by Sevenofswords, provides a good explanation of real living Vampyres and vampyrism.
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