Fact vs Fiction

How Does Mundane Society See Real Vampyres? 

The Effect Of Fiction On Perception Of Vampyre Reality 

One major variable in how real Vampyres see themselves – and how this affects their awakening and self-acceptance – is the Mundane concept of what Vampyres are and do – which is something we Vampyres also seem to get caught up in. After all, if we look at vampires in folklore and fiction now and just fifty years ago – my, how have we changed?

Since we do not know what we are when we awaken – there are few cases where we awaken into a family where there are other awakened Vampyres ready to help us reach our potential or mentor us – although this is known to happen in very rare cases – we do not have an established real-life stereotype of what real Vampyres are, look like or are supposed to be. Except of course, the readily available fictional stereotype – at least, to start off with as a reference point, before we uncover the real definitive truth of what we are – which is pretty much always presented as a contrast to the fictional vampire.

Fiction is largely portrayed by Mundanes – and this is largely controlled by existing Mundane folklore and earlier fiction based upon more of the Mundane perception of what we are. It is not really general knowledge among Mundanes that we are in fact real. And as we can testify – Mundanes seem to think that if there were “real” vampires, they would resemble their fictional creations. As can be seen over the past century or so, this fictional stereotype has been changed gradually to reflect changing times and attitudes.

When we first awaken of course, it is far more likely that we will be introduced to the fictional stereotype than the real Vampyre community. This of course results in us comparing ourselves to the stereotype and may result in us thinking we are crazy – or “not vampires”.

Of course, the fictional stereotype also helps to protect our secrecy because if we are ever trapped or cornered about being Vampyres, we can claim that this is not true – as we do have reflections in mirrors, do not turn into bats and do not burst into flames in sunlight or when faced with those kitsch crucifixes. So the stereotype has its uses.

The fictional vampire has changed considerably, while the truth and reality has not. The fiction is readily accessible, while real Vampyres are certainly less so. Vampire fiction – and its influence on the popular culture – both Mundane and Vampyre has resulted in the phenomenon of the “lifestyler” and “role-player”. While it has its negative affects on our community, it has also helped many Vampyres to awaken to the truth. Many of us would never have awakened or accepted ourselves if it were not for this influence.

The fiction may change, but the reality of being a Vampyre seems constant – and one of the few variables is the extent of the knowledge, research and facts we have about what we are.

Misconceptions Arising From The Influence Of Religion, Tradition And Fiction

Watch any vampire in fiction and you will see they have been endowed with abilities and skills that can only be called supernatural. They can fly, jump, change location in the blink of an eye, compel Humans to forget or do anything they want them to, drink copious amounts of blood, and turn into wolves, bats or mist. The reality is that for the most part, these alluring abilities are nothing more than works of fiction resulting from centuries of influence of religious traditions that form part of the modern myth of the vampire.

There really are certain abilities attributed to Vampyres in real life which in some ways are paralleled in fiction, although fiction tends to far overstate things.  Some things are just too far-fetched, while others are strikingly real, though one could be forgiven for confusing the two.

PSI Abilities

This is a broad overview of PSI abilities and techniques and by no means intended to be a lesson in “how to”. For more detailed material, refer to a Vampyre or occult library. 

  • Taking Energy

As Vampyres we are naturally adept at absorbing energy. This is presumed to come from our marked shortcomings in making our own energy naturally. This natural talent appears to sometimes make us take energy for granted, as a natural ability or fact of life, to the point where sometimes we may not even be aware that we are doing it. In fact, that is often how we find out what we are – either someone skilled in PSI, or another Vampyre, will detect this – and confront us about it.

There are methods of energy feeding, but suffice to say that visualization techniques similar to those used in magick, are very useful for controlling PSI feeding.

There are different kinds of energy to feed on – among them, light energy (white light), elemental, and prana from animal and plant life. For the purposes of this topic, we need to view energy as a common source and classify it as positive or negative. Negative energy would include things such as the energy given off by negative people, emotional energy given off during a fight or argument, negative emotions such as hate and anger, sadness, grief etc. Positive energy would be the opposite, joy, the feeling of life, happiness, health, wellness, etc. There are vamps who feed off negative energy, just as there are those who are more adept at absorbing positive energy. Regardless of the “octane” of the fuel, energy is still energy, and once we have fed off it, we can absorb it and convert it to suit our palettes.

  • Giving Energy To Others

It is the general assumption that Vampyres exist only as takers. While in some cases this might be true for those pure Sanguine Vampyres with thin PSI skills, in general Vampyres are fully capable of giving energy as well.

Why would Vampyres give away energy? Well Vampyres not only absorb and use energy, we also convert it from one form to another, and we can use this to achieve certain goals, as in the field of magick, or energy work (such as reiki) which is also seen as energy in one particular form.

PSI Vampyres, like any energy worker, can make energy orbs, charge them with emotion or energy of a desired type, and cast them at a target, either in an offensive or defensive manner, or to do something positive with that energy.

  • Healing Others With Energy

We can apply our own energy to sick or injured people, in order to help their weakened bodies heal, even if only slightly better or faster.

Belief is a powerful thing – which is why Doctors sometimes prescribe placebos to patients. Sometimes the placebo “works” and the patient feels better or heals and it was the power of that belief that healed them, not the sugar capsule they popped after every meal for the past week.

While some might scoff at this thought, we are reminded that part of the modern health industry is based upon this, in particular reiki and even certain aspects of physio therapy. In religious circles, faith-healing is another example of basic energy-work common to Vampyres and Mundanes alike.

Physical Abilities

In general, physical abilities of the Vampyre are very much on a par with the Shinai. Where these can be enhanced by our mastery of energy-work, this can be significantly altered, if not encumbered by our inherent weaknesses. These appear to be relative to latent physical strength, will, mass and weight, and how much energy the Vampyre has available at the time. 

  • Speed

It is unlikely that we can exceed the boundaries of our physical abilities, or break the laws of physics, but it has to be said that Humans (including Vampyres) are not beings of this physical plane alone. In certain cases, Vampyres can be perceived as “quicker” if we anticipate the actions of others in order to respond to them. Examples of this would include avoiding something which you know is coming, such as a physical blow from an antagonist, or knowing in advance what somebody is about to do or say, which creates the illusion of having very fast reflexes or a quick tongue. 

  • Physical Strength

Energy-work, physical condition, health and determination can have a marked effect on physical strength. Of course, do not expect to lift a car with one hand to change a tire or to jump tall buildings in a single bound. That sort of thing remains in the field of fiction (but if attempted, could provide some entertainment for any spectators).

  • Rapid Healing

Rapid healing as depicted in fiction is generally unlikely to say the least. It is possible for Vampyres to heal slightly faster than average for their demographic through skillful use of energy, but to expect more than this crosses the line from reality into fiction.

Rapid healing as an ability is largely dependent on the natural healing ability of the Vampyre in question as an individual, depending on factors such as age and general health as well as their level of mastery over the energy within their own bodies. The young are naturally better at healing quickly, though it has to be mentioned that maintaining a youthful metabolism and health through energy-work and meditation can contribute towards prolonged rapid healing. Being low on energy or being underfed will have a detrimental effect on anyone’s general health.

  • Heightened Senses

Since light and sound are forms of energy, and Vampyres have heightened sensitivity to energy, it seems likely to be a characteristic of Vampyres to be able to see somewhat better at night than by day (being bombarded with too much bright light), and to perceive sounds less audible to Mundanes, such as sound emitted at higher frequencies.

Many Vampyres report excellent night-vision, and above-average hearing, although this is not documented in any official  studies yet.  However, it is unlikely that any creature can see clearly in a total absence of light, not even us, but in cases of total darkness, it is suggested that other senses more easily compensate in Vampyres, especially to Vampyres with a developed PSI ability.

The Vampyre sense of smell may be viewed as more predatory in nature. Most Vampyres (even PSI Vampyres) report the ability to smell blood, decay, disease (such as cancer), or body odor easier than, and at greater distances than Shinai. (This is not far fetched, as certain dogs appear able to detect cancer for example.) There is no current scientific explanation for this, since the Vampyre nasal cavity appears to be of the same construction as that of the Shinai.

The sense of taste comes into play when feeding, as Vampyres can taste energy – which is perceived both as a taste in the mouth, and as a “feeling” while feeding. Many Vampyres report being able to differentiate flavors of mineral content of blood, such as iron, salt or copper, while feeding.

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