SAVA Statement Regarding Vampi(y)re Ethics Towards Donors & Non-Vampyric Participants in the SA VC

It is our belief and feeling that while there are different views, opinions, philosophies and ideologies among Vampi(y)res around the world regarding the acceptance, treatment, rights and privileges and levels of participation of non-Vampi(y)res and donors within their parts of the international community, these should not be allowed to cause affront, foster enmity, or cause division within the South African Vampyre Community.

Years of experience in older parts of the Vampyre community have shown, that sadly, some Vampyres have little or no respect for the rights and dignity of other people, whether Vampyre or not. This sort of behavior is viewed in a serious light in our Community.

If a Vampyre places themselves in charge of a group of donors with the intention of managing them as a “resource” for Vampyres – and if this individual can be shown to be egocentric, controlling, domineering or possessive towards these Donors – this fosters an atmosphere in which abusive behavior towards Donors, and poor ethics can easily occur.

Where such often secretive groups may exist, using whatever reasoning or pretense to justify possessiveness and controlling behavior on the part of such individuals towards the Donors under their influence – or as a pretext to coerce them to do his or her will, this can be seen as working to deprive the Donor of their rights and free will as human beings with the cognative and adult faculties gifted them by nature, and recognized and enshrined in Community-wide statements such as the Donor Bill of Rights – which recognizes the Donor’s right to decide for themselves who to associate with as a Donor within the Community, who to feed or not to feed, and the right to refuse to feed any Vampyre without fear or favor.

Where Donors have a presence and an input in our Community, which is made up of Vampi(y)res, Donors, Otherkin and non-Vampyres who form relationships with us in the context of providing friendship, support, or by satisfying our vampyric needs, sustaining us by their voluntary sacrifices and good graces – and that this good will could be endangered or lost through acts of abuse or neglect; and further, we acknowledge that they have joined with us to support those with the Vampi(y)re condition, and that all contribute to benefit the Community as a whole; and that an atmosphere of respect, admiration and consideration between both Vampi(y)res and other participants in this Community should always be considered of paramount importance.

The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA) has both recognized and embraced the Vampi(y)re Declaration of Community and the Donor Bill of Rights as an integral part of it’s system of ethics, and uses these as building blocks in all our efforts to build the local South African Vampyre Community. We will not tolerate nor promote – neither internally nor externally – any such behavior or percieved threats to the well-being of our members or other participants in our Community, even in terms of providing tacit support by remaining silent when such dangers are percieved, or warned against.

[Enacted 2012/08/21]

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