Alleged Government Research & Study Programs

Over time there have been discussions raised over alleged research or study programs focusing on real Vampyres run by covert government agencies and the like. Most of these rumors can be traced back to these websites and/or TV series:

The Federal Vampire & Zombie Agency:


This is a spoof website for a supposed US government agency that never really existed. It supposedly made statements and radio interviews under the persona of Dr Hugo Pecos, supposedly the last living Director of the FVZA. A well developed and intricate parody, it appears to be convincing enough to fool some people into thinking it was real. In history sections, real historical events are linked to alleged vampire and zombie activity. The forerunner and inspiration for the FVZA is said to be the Vampire Investigative Bureau (VIB) allegedly established in London in the 19th century. Allegations are made of secret research being conducted around the world, from South Africa in the 1960’s to Sweden, the USA and Soviets. Supposed research laboratories are named, such as the Goessman Institute (Sweden), the Santa Rosa Institute and the Institute for Advanced Genetic Research. Vampirism in this case is blamed on a virus, called the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV) – and it is probably one of the more prolific legacies of this spoof, since it circled the globe and has been used in various subsequent forms, even by participants in the real VC, to question the truth of the origin of real Vampyres.

Ultraviolet & the V5 Virus:

The creator of the publicity website for the 1996 UK TV series “Ultraviolet” – a story about a secret British government agency targeting vampires, explained, the “V5 Virus” was a gimmick featured in the TV series, and the website that promoted it was actually no more than a publicity stunt intended to promote the series. Neither the original promotional website, nor the site which hosted the explanation (Darkness Embraced) exist anymore, however the rumor has been running ever since among Vampyres and vampire fans, and is even now to be found lurking in forum posts around the world. Below is a direct transcript of the original post on Darkness Embraced:

“Welcome to the ONLY website, that gives the facts about the V-5 Virus.

First of all, to those who don’t know or have never heard of this virus, a brief background. V-5 (though it is known by several names including Code V, Code 5, K-17, G-17, Stem Alpha and so on) is a virus that several websites claim to be the truth behind real vampirism.

Well, I hate to burst peoples bubble on this subject, but this virus is a HOAX. How do I know? Well, read on to uncover the truth and the facts about this so called virus. And find out why I know so much, and happen to be a so called expert on this subject.

For those of you who don’t know me, or have never heard of me – Apart from being a real vampire myself and holding the positions of Elder, Council Member and Co-Founder in several vampiric groups both on and off-line, I am a freelance web designer, and have done contract work for many big companies including film and television companies.

Going back several years ago I was contacted by a friend of mine, and he asked me to help him design and code a web site that was being done as a publicity stunt for a forth coming British TV show called Ultraviolet.

He went on to explain what the show was about and if I would have any problems with it because he knew that I myself am a real vampire. I said to him that I didn’t as all the other vampires I knew had their heads screwed on and would take it for what it was.

So a few days later, I received a designer’s pack from him containing the brief and all the information that was going on to the site; some information about the show, which was about Government funded Vampire hunters battling Vampires living in the modern world, and the Code V Virus that was responsible for creating vampires.

So I set about working on this site, and had a lot of fun making it.

The site itself contained Fake Government documents, fake medical reports, fake e-mails supposedly written by British Professors, doctors, British MPs and the so called Hunters themselves.

But the key things that indicated that this was a hoax was first of all at the bottom of every pages was written “coming soon to Channel Four TV”, and the links page had one the forth coming Channel Four website, and when you clicked on the more info link, it gave you information about the characters INCLUDING their Real Names.”

The Canadian Sanctuary (pseudo-government) website:


The vampire/ werewolf/ other registrations site for the Canadian Sanctuary was a promotional site for the 2010 Canadian TV series “Sanctuary”. The original promotional site (now deleted) actually featured information laying out the premise of the story – that there are vampires, werewolves and otherkin-like creatures living in the hidden places of the world, and that the Canadian government had a program which would offer them sanctuary – hence the name of the TV series. The center-piece was a contact form designed to emulate a pseudo-official registration form meant to be filled in by non-human “others” including vampires. This alone led to heated debate in the real Vampyre community about whether this was meant to be taken seriously or not.

The Queens Vampire Research Center:

Snap 2013-09-05 at 19.31.38

A website appeared in 2012 alleging to be an official research facility focusing on vampires. Making a very convincing case for its outlandish claims pertaining to real living vampires, should someone take any of this seriously, they could be placed in danger, or endanger the lives of others. According to the site: “The QVRC was first started in 1823 by Felix Papadopol, at the time the head of the city library and an Austrian born doctor named Johannes Knauss.” “The center has mainly focused in the beginning on text based research, information gathering and interpreting and then slowly expanded into account investigation, location-based observations and others.” The website states the aim of the QVRC as: “We at QVRC strive to provide insightful and meaningful data and information towards the goal of proving the existence of vampirism as a biological nature different from that of a human being. We also work towards learning from this and extracting useful information that can be applied or reversed engineered to work towards the benefit of man-kind. Our latest research projects include gathering information on the continuation of an anti-vampirism vaccine and gaining more data or gaining knowledge for producing an all-response type of medication with little to no side-effects to be used by the human population at large.”


Clearly any government or well-funded private research facility would have the funds to pay for it’s own domain, would probably use its own servers – and probably would not even post such information publicly, even if it were true.

Whether there really are any real government run research or study programs focusing on real Vampyres is not known… but if we ever find out about any, we will probably post about them on this site!

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