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Interested in finding out about real Vampyres in history, the rise of the fictional vampire, or the recorded history of the real Vampyre Community internationally as well as in South Africa?

Want to visit the most comprehensive, detailed, extensive, complete and free Vampyre history chronology in existence?



The Vampyre History Project

About the Vampyre History Project:

The Vampyre History Project is an ongoing project of House Valur, and has been active since early 2010. The aim of the project is to compile as complete an historical overview in the form of a Chronology or Timeline of Vampy(i)res in history, myth, folklore and also in terms of the development of real Vampy(i)re culture and Community in the context of both ancient and modern history.

The bulk of the information presented in the Project has been sourced online via net trawls, gathered from news sites and from references to earlier, less complete attempts to present a comprehensive Vampyre History. Where information has been found widespread across the internet, from general history and in the public domain, material has been referred to without seeking prior permission. Where information has been sourced from direct sources, whether from authors or publications, credit or mention of the source has been mentioned per item.

If any part of your own work or reference to it has been included in the Vampyre History project and  you feel your work has in any way been violated or plagiarized, or that permission to include whatever reference to your work is required, please notify us at

While every effort has been made in order to ensure relevance of content, neither the Vampyre History Project nor House Valur accept any responsibility for the accuracy  or factual correctness of the content referred to within the Chronology, as by implication it is merely a reference to material already presented by third parties in the public domain as factual and accurate.

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