The Black List

Within any community or culture there will be those individuals who will either ignore generally accepted guidelines, practices and ethics of the community, who violate these tenets to the detriment of the community as a whole, but also most typically, to those who look up to them or invest their trust in them. Often these individuals will set themselves up as community “elders” or cult figures to be adored and worshiped. Some may even offer knowledge, courses or books – or even to “turn” seekers into Vampyres – for a fee of course.

Numerous cult evaluation frameworks exist in the public domain on the internet, which allow the ordinary user to evaluate whether or not such individuals who exhibit suspicious or shady behavior or practices are indeed acting in a manner which casts the broader Vampyre Community under a dis-favorable light.

This page is dedicated to exposing and warning against individuals, organizations, and websites, who misrepresent themselves or their organizations as spokespersons for the entire Vampyre Community (or as ‘experts’ on the VC) while promoting their personal uncorroborated views and opinions in order to misrepresent the Vampyre Community or Vampyre nature as something other than the accepted norms, or what has been proved to be by recognized scientific or medical investigations, or in a manner which flies in the face of both logic and common sense – or in order to facilitate their own agendas, particularly those which can be described as “money-making schemes” for self-enrichment, or otherwise outright hostile and vampophobic. Also listed will be those who by their reckless or irresponsible actions, endanger others – and by whatever association with the community, pose a risk or threat of endangerment to the community.

The Black List:

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