What Is The VC?

The Vampyre Community is a conglomerate of like-minded individuals who may or may not belong to various associated Groups, organizations, clubs or Covens all identifying as being of vampyric interest.

The Vampyre Community is a name applied to the whole of what has been called the “Vampire sub-culture” in many media articles in recent times, and more recently, in serious scientific studies conducted by scholars and universities on the international stage.

The Vampyre Community is in effect a true sub-culture, which transcends language, ethnicity, nationality, geography, history, religion, sexuality, gender, race – and some would even say, species.

There is no single description for the Vampyre Community. There is no “Vampyre government” or leader or cult-focus, so it is neither a cult (in the “satanic panic” sense), nor a religion – although there are various centers of religious interest within the Community.

The culture spans continents and stretches all the way round the world – and while there aren’t active online vestiges of it in every country on Earth, it is a certainty that wherever there are Shinai, there is Vampyre-kind – in whatever form, also.

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