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Below is a resource for such information pertaining to vampyrism, vampyric people and the real Vampyre Community. [New links and information will be added during future updates.]


1. WHAT IS (Definitions)?

A vampire is essentially an energy feeder or blood drinker that may display various levels of psychic ability. While the causality, interpretation, and sometimes even the “proper” spelling of vampirism are debated, vampires are generally individuals who cannot adequately sustain their own physical, mental, or spiritual well-being without the taking of blood or vital life force energy from other sources; often human. Without feeding the vampire will become lethargic, sickly, depressed, and often go through physical suffering or discomfort. Vampires often display signs of empathy, sense emotions, perceive auras, and are generally psychically aware of the world around them. To a degree, the specifics of vampirism manifest differently on an individual basis and these nuances sometimes insulate the confusion in defining the vampiric range of ability and experience. The alternate spelling of “Vampyre” is sometimes used depending on the path from which one approaches vampirism.” ~ TheAtlanta VampireAlliance [AVA].

Sanguinarian (Sang) Vampires feed by the drinking of blood – either human or animal. Sanguinarian vampires can vary in their experience of blood hunger and in how often or in what quantities they need to feed, but the unique craving for blood and the physical symptoms associated with neglecting to drink blood are unifying features of sanguinarian vampirism. The consumption of blood from human sources is facilitated through a consensual agreement by verbal or written contract between vampire and donor. Not all members of the vampire community actually acknowledge the difference between psychic and sanguinarian vampirism, and there is a popular but not universally-held theory within the vampire community that the life force energy or “prana” contained within the blood is the source from which they feed, rather than any physical component of the blood itself. This theory is supported by the notably small amount of blood that vampires consume to alleviate their hunger; usually one to two tablespoons, but challenged by the fact that vampires who consider themselves primarily blood drinkers often do not display as many or any of the psychic tendencies that psychic vampires do, and more often report more physical symptoms, such as sense acuity and physical strength, than do the psychic vampires.” ~ TheAtlanta VampireAlliance [AVA].

Psychic (Psi) Vampires are understood to feed psychically on life force energy. Psi (or psy) feeding is usually performed on a willing individual or from the ambient energies of a large group or crowd. This term is often mistakenly confused with the pop psychology use of “psychological vampire”, used as a metaphor to describe specific socially manipulative behaviors. Psi vampire, refers to a vampire who feeds by some manner of energy transfer; this term may also be shortened to psivamp. Psy vampire, and “psychic vampire” are sometimes considered synonyms for psi vampire, but are also sometimes employed as separate terms with distinctive meanings. For example, “psi” is often employed as a synonym for ESP phenomena in parapsychology, and “psy” is short for either “psychic” or “psychological”. Those who make distinctions between these terms may use these meanings as the basis for their reasoning.” ~ TheAtlanta VampireAlliance [AVA].

Hybrid or Psi/Sang [Omnivores] Vampires claim to have no primary feeding method, being able to feed from either source at any time. Others report changing their primary feeding source from energy to blood, or vice versa, at various points in their lives. Some, but not all, vampires who can feed or have fed via both methods choose to describe themselves as Psi/Sang or Hybrid vampires. Still other Community members go further to define sub-classes of vampirism based on the detailed methods and sources of psychic feeding. These classes are most often distinguished from one another based on the type of energy gained. Those who feed from natural or elemental energy, and those who feed from humans either during sexual contact, during magickal rituals, or during times of high emotional output may be described as specific types of vampires. Further subcategories of psi feeding energy exist, including terminology to describe those who feed from direct contact with the human aura, those who feed from the ambient energy of crowds and public places, those who can only absorb certain kinds of emotions, etc.” ~ The Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA].

A Tantric Vampire is closely related to the Sexual Vampire, the Eros Vampire and the Incubus/Succubus. The difference is…the Sexual vamp feeds from the sexual energies given off by a donor, the Eros vamp inspires and feeds off emotions such as love and lust, the Incubus/Succubus will feed from any of these but only takes, never gives in return. The Tantric Vampire feeds from any of these as well but with other Tantric Vampires and they both give and take creating an intensity that can be rather addictive for both partners involved. They are very good at projecting (to the point of being unaware that they are doing so at times), are often heavily empathic and carry very deep long term connections to those that they partner up with. They are also very sensitive to the energetic signatures of those around them to the point of secluding themselves amongst those of similar energies, not out of a sense of elitism but rather because the chaotic nature of energies that do not resonate well with their own can have adverse effects and cause strange reactions such as mesmerizing those people that they cross paths with to the point of adoration. This is a difficult situation for the Tantric Vampire because or their own highly empathic and compassionate natures, for they do not enjoy the thought of hurting anyone’s feelings and it pains them to see someone “taken in” by this side of them if the feelings are not mutual. And so a certain amount of caution is often learned early on by most of those with a Tantric nature. 

When it comes to the Tantric feed, it is not the “end zone” of intercourse that is often sought out but rather it is the extremely intoxicating build of energy that occurs beforehand. Foreplay takes on an entirely new meaning to the Tantric. The experience of the softest brush of lips against skin, or even something so subtle as the warmth of breath on the back of ones neck can create an intensity of reaction that will be rapturous to a Tantric.” – This Tainted Soul of Mine.

  • About Vampyres: Who they are & Misunderstandings about what they do. ~ Religious
  • Vampire v/s Vampyre – what’s the difference? “…we use the term “vampyres” to refer to a real phenomenon involving real people. We use “vampire” to refer to imaginary mythical creatures who mainly inhabit horror movies and other works of imaginative fiction. This notation is used by some in the vampyre/vampire community, but its use is far from a consensus. In fact, some use the opposite definition; still others use both terms to refer to both types of vampires/vampyres.” ~ Religious


  • 2.1) The allegation that “Vampyres are unprincipled and violent, attack people, bite them or cut them to obtain blood – and as a group, pose a threat to public safety”:

Vampyres have community laws and guidelines which specifically regulate behavior in the context of the laws of whatever country/state they reside in. Two well known examples within the VC include the Black Veil and the Totum Lex Vampyrica.

  • 2.2) The allegation that “Donors are in abusive relationships with Vampyres”, or that donating blood to a Vampyre – or a Vampyre receiving blood from a Donor, is excessively risky or dangerous behavior:

The Donor Bill of Rights, the Black Veil and the Totum Lex Vampyrica. (Specifically in the BV and TLV, the clauses relating to the treatment of Donors, and in the DBoR, precautions recommended before, during and after sanguine Communion.)

For a typical “by the book” feeding demonstration, episode 3 of Vampires: The Show 

  • 2.3) The allegation that Vampyres are all “satanists”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – This study shows that of the multitude of religious affiliations within the VC, the 5th most common affiliation (in multiple choice format) is Christianity. This indicates that the 5th highest scoring religious affiliation within the part of the international VC which participated in the study, identifies as Christian – while Lucifarianism and Satanism only features at low to mid range affiliations – in fact, even Michelle Belanger’s Kheprian spirituality, which is only about a decade old, scored higher in this study – with 45 respondents, compared to Luciferianism’s 33 and Levayan Satanism at 40. Responses of those who identified as Christian on the other hand, topped the 100 mark, and Neo Pagan, 155. The statistical facts seem to debunk the stereotype being perpetuated – yes, some Vampyres are Satanists – but like the general population, only a small percentage of them.

“Within vampyrism are found followers of all of the major religions, as well as secularists, freethinkers, and followers of alternative spiritualities.” ~ Religious

Notes on “Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)”: “During the 1980s, a widespread belief surfaced that evil Satanists were abusing children and sometimes drinking their blood, eating their flesh, etc. This was called Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA). During  they heyday of the SRA panic, Satanism, Wicca, Thelema, vampyrism, various other occult activities, the Masonic movement, etc. became merged in the minds of many believers as a type of axis of evil. One source states that: The Vampire cult’ according to [counter-cult author William] Schnoebelen, is ‘the last and most damnable step in [the] exploration of Satanism’. 3 The SRA panic had largely dissipated by the mid 1990s for two main reasons: Police forces had never been able to find hard evidence that SRA ever existed, at least at a detectible level. Essentially all memories of SRA were traced back to the use of self-hypnosis, or to therapists and counselors who used recovered memory therapy (RMT). RMT has since been shown to generate few, if any, real memories, and many false memories of events that never happened. As of the late 1990s, Schnoebelen was “…still very much in demand as a speaker in the Evangelical-Fundamentalist counter-cult circuit, and his book offers to counter-Satanists the possibility of integrating Vampires into their view of a Satanist conspiracy.” 3 The linkage between SRA and vampyrism is probably still active among many conservative Protestants. However, it is a belief not widely shared by other faith groups or by secularists.” ~ Religious

  • 2.4) The allegation that “Vampyres are all / mostly homosexual”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – http://www.suscitatio.comPrimary sexual orientation. Heterosexual = 54.83%, Homosexual = 6.16%,  Bisexual = 32.44%, Pansexual = 5.75%, No Answer =0.82%

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – To the best of your recollection, did you ever suffer either physical or sexual abuse as a child? Physical = 16.71%, Sexual = 9.37%, Both = 17.15%, No = 56.77%

  • 2.8) The allegation that “Vampyres all belong to a cult, ‘the vampire cult'” or to one particular vampire society:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – http://www.suscitatio.comAre you a member of a vampire House, Clan, Coven, Haven, Order or Court? Yes – Affiliated = 24.18%, No – Independent = 75.82%

The Vampyre community advocates awareness and evaluation resources of mind control cults – AVA site.

  • 2.9) The allegation that “Vampyres only take energy and give nothing back” or “Vampyres don’t help other people”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – http://www.suscitatio.comHave you ever used energy techniques for healing either yourself or others?  (Vampires Only, Layer 1) Myself = 4.17%, Others = 16.67%, Both = 11.66, No = 67.5%, No Answer = 0% (Vampires & Energy Workers, Layer 3) Myself = 11.9%, Others = 4.76%, Both = 69.74%, No = 13.1%, No Answer = 0.6%

The New Orleans Vampire Association (NOVA) regularly hosts public gatherings where the homeless are fed from a soup kitchen or field kitchen.

  • 2.10) The allegation that “Vampyres all drink blood”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – This study indicates that only 14.71% of the 748 respondents identified as purely sanguine, or blood-drinking Vampyres, while 34.89% identify as pure Psychic Vampyres, and 50.4% as “Hybrids”, or omnivores.

Responses also indicate that while there are those who need blood, many resort to placebos when they cannot obtain it from willing donors, with the top scoring placebos indicated, being animal blood or meat, and second, chocolate.

  • 2.11) The allegation that “Vampyres suffer from overactive imaginations, are delusional, or that psi-feeding is ‘impossible’ etc”: 

Consecutive laboratory studies at Athens State University and the Parapsychology Foundation of New York, by Joe H. Slate PHD, produced definable results and photographic evidence demonstrating before, during and after energy emissions of both Psi Vampyres and donors during feeding sessions. Much of the findings of the studies also seem to confirm many of the experiences and theories held by Psychic Vampyres in the community. It is worth noting that Slate is not a fan of real psychic Vampyres, and has written several books warning against them, as well as promoting several “defensive techniques “.

Before Feeding During Feeding After Feeding

The year-long study, which was funded by the US Army Missile Research and Development Command, identified several important characteristics of that [human energy] system. Of particular interest was the finding that the physical body’s central energizing core and its surrounding energy field, commonly called the aura, are each influenced by the presence of others. Using aura photography along with visual observations of the aura, the study found that the auras of couples whose interactions were positive tended to complement and energize each other, with each aura becoming brighter and more expansive. Conversely, negative interactions tended to constrict the aura and actually induce a state of mental and physical fatigue. When constrictions occurred in the aura, intellectual functions became slower, short-term memory declined, and physical strength decreased by as much as 50 percent.” “A later study funded by the Parapsychology Foundation of New York not only confirmed the findings of our earlier research, it showed that certain persons were highly skilled at deliberately tapping into and directly feeding upon the aura of others. By draining energy from another person’s aura, these so-called psychic vampires not only deplete the aura’s energy resources, they interrupt the capacity of the aura’s central core to generate new energy, particularly when the interaction is prolonged. Consistent with our earlier findings, direct observations of the aura as well as aura photographs taken before and after a psychic vampire interaction showed the victim’s aura becoming severely de-energized and constricted following an attack while the vampire’s aura became energized and expansive.” “As expected, such onslaughts dramatically expanded the invading vampire’s aura but seriously dulled and constricted the host victim’s aura, a condition that often lasted for days. Even more seriously, vampire puncture wounds to the aura often required weeks to heal. (As an important footnote, all observations and photographs obtained throughout our studies were with consent of informed volunteer subjects, most of whom were college students. Both observational and photographic assessments obtained during an actual psychic vampire interaction were obtained from couples who were in an on-going relationship. All participants in our vampire studies were offered counseling and provided instruction concerning the use of appropriate intervention and protection techniques.) Although the human energy system is indestructible—it is literally the soul of our being—its capacity to generate the energy required for daily living can become severely impaired. Long-term, continuous psychic vampire attacks can have devastating consequences that reach far beyond damage to the energy system. Like the host victims of their blood-sucking counterparts, victims of recurring psychic vampire assaults can become—dare I say—psychic vampires themselves in a desperate effort to replenish their lost supply of energy.”

A 2006 History Channel documentary, called “Vampire Secrets” includes a demonstration of this experiment, conducted on camera, and shows Kirilian photography of the electromagnetic field around a psychic Vampyre‘s fingertips before, during, and after drawing vital energy from a donor. It also shows the electromagnetic field around the fingertips of the donor.

EVIDENCE – Psychic Vampyres: Captured on video before witnesses, including skeptics, a psychic Vampyre drains sufficient energy from a volunteering skeptic to cause a temporary physical collapse.

In a documentary called “The Secret Life of Vampires”, demonstrable effects of psychic vampyrism are shown. Note in the first clip, part 4 (from 6:28) to the second clip, part 5 (to 0:12) a Vampyre (Don Henrie) and 2 assistants appear to drain enough energy from a very vocal skeptic to make him collapse .

EVIDENCE – Psychic Vampyres: Captured on video, fresh batteries in a video camera filming a psychic Vampyre, suddenly and mysteriously lose power while a Vampyre is discussing how batteries do not hold their charge around her.

In a documentary called “The Secret Life of Vampires”, demonstrable effects of psychic vampyrism are shown. In part 5 (4:48 to 5:10) while Michelle Belanger is talking about how she seems to drain batteries in mobile phones and other electrical equipment, the freshly-charged batteries on the video equipment recording the interview, suddenly lose power.

In an article entitled “Japanese Scientists Prove That Auras Actually Exist“, details are given about how new super-sensitive laboratory cameras have been developed that are able with the aid of computer enhancement to show visuals of human auras.

A group of Japanese scientists from the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Mio Watanabe, conducted a series of experiments by which they managed to visually capture the aura of a person, thus proving its existence! With the assistance of highly sensitive cameras the scientists were able to photograph a person’s special glow. Notably, the glow appears brightest in the morning and seems to “fade” in the evening. It is most visible around the face, mouth, cheeks and neck. Experts believe that this technique could become a new tool for use in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. A faint glow around certain body parts may indicate the presence of a disease or disorder.

  • 2.12) The allegation that “Vampyres are drug addicts, thieves, self-harmers, alcoholics, pornography or sex addicts etc”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – In response to question 390 “Do you suffer from any of the following addiction problems?” Gambling ranked the lowest at 5, while responses to drugs (prescription, illegal and illicit), alcohol, other and pornography all ranking lower than 30. “Other” included among other things, cutting and self-harm, theft, volunteering – and sleeping. Sex addiction just topped the 30 mark, followed by eating and sugar going up to 35 and 43. 70 indicated nicotine, and 100 caffeine addiction. The response for “None” indicates the 170 mark, indicating that by far the majority of responses indicates no addiction problems.

  • 2.13) The allegation that “Vampyres are internet predators”:

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – Question 827 indicates that for many Vampyres, queried about their method of finding a willing Donor – using the internet or online forums scores relatively low. In fact, there are four higher-scoring methods, including ‘within a sexual relationship’, ‘within a romantic relationship’, and ‘by means of friends and their social group’. The fourth is ‘not applicable’, for Psi’s who do not specifically require donors at all.

The Vampyre community advocates for awareness among people interacting with the community both online and offline – AVA site 1, 2, 3.

  • 2.14) The allegation that “Vampyres are not adults, are teenagers, etc”:

Since 2007, Suscitatio Enterprises LLC has conducted surveys on Facebook, to which participants in the Onlince Vampyre Community on Facebook, responded. The average age indicated has steadily increased from 28 (2007) to 31 (2012).

  • 2.15) The allegation that “Vampyres have no legal basis to defend their beliefs that they are Vampyres, to self-identify as such, and that the Vampyre Community has no legal right to exist”:

The right of self-identified Vampyres to self-identify as Vampyres is protected under the clauses of the South African Constitution (1996) which pertain to human dignity, life, freedom of religion, belief, opinion, expression, assembly, association, and to practice their culture.

Extract from SA Constitution, Bill of Rights:

“10. Human dignity 

Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.

11. Life 

Everyone has the right to life. 

15. Freedom of religion, belief and opinion 

Everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion. 

16. Freedom of expression 

Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, which includes ­

freedom of the press and other media;

freedom to receive or impart information or ideas;

freedom of artistic creativity; and

academic freedom and freedom of scientific research. 

17. Assembly, demonstration, picket and petition 

Everyone has the right, peacefully and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket and to present petitions. 

18. Freedom of association 

Everyone has the right to freedom of association. 

31. Cultural, religious and linguistic communities 

1) Persons belonging to a cultural, religious or linguistic community may not be denied the right, with other members of that community ­

to enjoy their culture, practise their religion and use their language; and

to form, join and maintain cultural, religious and linguistic associations and other organs of civil society.

2) The rights in subsection (1) may not be exercised in a manner inconsistent with any provision of the Bill of Rights. 

The human rights advocate, Damon Leff, said in 2007, while addressing the subject of still-ongoing witch-hunts in South Africaand the right of Pagans to self-identify as witches, to the South African government:

Individual self-determination and self-identity (what one calls oneself and how one defines what one is) are not mutually exclusive principles. The individual and communal right to self-definition and self-determination is a cornerstone of the principles of freedom of religion and belief and is constitutionally enshrined through the notion of according and protecting human dignity to and for all equally. 

The right to human dignity is based on the common assumption that all men and women have the right to have their “substantive essence” respected simply by virtue of their belonging to the human family. When the right to self-identity is with-held from either individual or group, the right to dignity is denied.”

  • 2.16) The allegation that Vampyres believe they can “turn” others into Vampyres, or that Vampyres are “not born vampyric” by nature:

“Most vampyres believe that they are born with a latent vampyre condition which normally becomes active only after puberty. Rejecting the imaginative accounts in novels, films, etc, they believe that nobody can become a vampyre unless they are born with the condition.” ~ Religious


  • 3.1) Psychology:

c) Argument disputing the validity of “Renfield’s Syndrome” as a genuine mental disorder used to describe or diagnose vampyrism or self-identification as a Vampyre: 

The term “Renfield’s Syndrome” is named after Dracula’s insect-eating assistant, Renfield, in the novel by Bram Stoker and has been used in both psychiatric and fictional literature, and numerous TV shows. But still it is not an official medical diagnosis! It is pointed out that in cases where vampirism appears to play a role, medical professionals are compelled to apply “official psychiatric diagnostic categories such as schizophrenia or as a variety of paraphilia”. So much for Renfield’s Syndrome as a real “disorder” that can be factually applied to show that self-identified vampires are mentally ill.

Wikipedia points out that there is no official diagnosis by this name. In fact, that it does not actually exist in medical journals. ~ Wikipedia

“This syndrome [“Renfield’s Syndrome”] is a neat theory, but is not widely accepted by mental health professionals. It does not appear in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV). That manual contains descriptions of generally accepted mental illnesses.” ~ Religious

d) Argument disputing claims that “Vampyres are all blood fetishists”:

Hematolagnia: A small minority of people are sexually aroused by drinking human blood. They have a condition called hematolagnia — popularly called a blood fetish. This is normally considered a paraphilia, and is one of many dozens of unusual sexual interests that is often their sole means of sexual gratification. Because of the public’s frequent desire to be absolutely normal in their sexual practices, people with hematolognia — or any other paraphilia — are often despised and even feared.

Vampyres believe that they need to ingest blood in order to maintain their strength. They are not driven by sexual gratification. There is no real connection between vampyrism and hematolagnia.” ~ Religious

  • 3.2) Medical:

a) Argument showing that very few self-identified Vampyres suffer from Porphyria:

“Porphyria: This is a group of at least eight rare disorders. They cause substances which are normally found at low levels to gradually build up in the human body. In most types of porphyria, the individual will have a strong reaction to sunlight. Areas of the skin which are exposed to the sun may burn, blister or scar. 1 Some of the myths about vampirism might have been originally based on individuals with a porphyria who would avoid sunlight and only come out at night.

Very few sang and psi vampyres suffer from porphyria. However, some people may confuse the two. Those who are familiar with the fictional stories about vampires might incorrectly assume that anyone who has an aversion to sunlight is automatically a vampire or vampyre. 1” ~ Religious

  • 3.3) Anthropology:

a) Studies/Research into the real Vampyre Community:

This pertains to serious academic work and studies of the Vampyre Community, or of real vampyrism.

i) Study by Joseph Laycock – 2009

Modern Vampires:  Your Neighbors and Spouses

By Joseph Laycock, PhD for Religion Dispatches – May 28, 2009

Joseph Laycock: Vampires Today

By John W. Morehead of TheoFantastique – August 25, 2009

Interview With Joseph Laycock – Real Vampirism

Radio Interview KAPS Paranormal Radio – October 11, 2009

ii) Academic Research Papers

These academic papers are now available online at the following links:

Vampires as an Identity Group: Analyzing Causes and Effects of an Introspective Survey by the Vampire Community,” Nova Religio 14:1 (2010): 4-23.

“‘We Are Spirits of Another Sort’: Ontological Rebellion and Religious Dimensions of the Otherkin Community,” Nova Religio 15:3 (2012): 65-90.

b) Statistics:

This pertains to serious academic surveys of the Vampyre Community, or of real vampyrism, and which has produced raw credible statistics which can be used to reflect demographics within the VC.

         i) Suscitatio Enterprises LLC Introspective VC Surveys 2007-9

Vampirism and Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS), 2007-2009 – “The Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey (VEWRS) is conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC with support from various Houses and elders from the vampire community. This survey will address questions about the vampiric experience which have consistently been brought forward as concerns, either by members of the Community or by outside researchers in the professional or academic sectors.” Official Site, Survey analysis

c) Academic Watchers, Vampirologists:

These are academics, hobbyists or novices who research or study real Vampyres out of curiosity – whether scientifically curious, or critical for their own personal reasons. Their activities are usually benign and restricted to simple observation and article writing, although they sometimes might make attempts to infiltrate the sub-culture. Some will make serious efforts to publish studies, reports, papers or books on their research. Those listed here range between benign, and professionally curious to outright critical.

i) OCRT / Religious – (Condensed from the OCRT website Purpose page: “The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, attempts to serve the people of the United States and Canada in four areas: disseminating accurate religious information, exposing religious fraud, hatred and misinformation, disseminating information on dozens of “hot” religious topics, and promoting religious tolerance.The OCRT maintains a fairly reasonable, objective and comprehensive information database on the real Vampyre Community. Email to

6.4) Vampyre & Occult “Experts”

Don Rimer (Deceased 21/01/2012) 

Don Rimer was a critic of the VC for many years, and presented seminars and “training” sessions to law enforcement officers in the USAon “occult crimes”, also focusing on the VC. Much of his information and many of his claims were founded on cherry-picked facts and on misrepresentation. He added to the “Satanic Ritual Abuse” or SRA “Satanic Panic” of the late 1980’s and 1990’s. Though he died in 2012, much of his material is still in circulation and still inaccurate, continues to perpetuate his legacy of flawed research and tainted “expertise” which continues to show dividends.

Don Rimer: Occult Expert or Merchant of Fear? “Don Rimer is a retired police officer, who now presents seminars through the Oklahoma Gang Investigators Unit. His views on “ritual crime and the occult” can be found in a document on the OGIU website titled “Ritual Crime and the Occult (the New Youth Subculture)” from 2009. This document casts quite a wide net of concern, and in so doing, I detected several problematic areas, troubling in that it comes from a self-described expert, and someone providing guidance to law enforcement and thereby impacting lives in significant fashion.

Problematic terminology and definitions

Rimer uses the term “occult” not only in a pejorative manner for various expressions of Western esotericism, but also as a blanket term for a diverse group of unrelated religions, spiritualities, and identity subcultures.

Imagined connections

Rimer makes inappropriate connections between various elements to alleged “ritual crime.” Of course there are crimes, sometimes very grisly, but isolated cases of crime are not necessarily connected appropriately, nor do they flow out of, the groups he describes as dangerous.

Unfamiliarity with scholarship

Rimer is unfamiliar with the good body of academic materials on this subject matter, as well as the related to topic of satanic panics. In fact, in comments made to me he seems to hold academics at a distance and privileges his lay approach at “expertise.” He doesn’t have to be a scholar, but he should be familiar with the academic material related to the subjects he’s instructing others on.

Counter-cult influences

Rimer also appears to be influenced by Protestant evangelical counter-cult approaches to the subjects he lectures on, which tends to lump diverse phenomena together with a primary concern that whatever religion or spirituality that is non-Christian is somehow connected to the demonic.” – John W. Morehead

William (Bill) Schnoebelen

Bill Schnoebelen is an enigmatic American who today claims to be a born-again Christian, who conducts seminars and presentations and sells videos on the sum of his life experiences, in which he claims to have been everything from a Catholic, to a Free Mason, Mormon, Satanist, Wiccan – and also a vampire. For years, this man has fueled Satanic Ritual Abuse (“Satanic panic”) due to his misinformation and cherry-picking of facts, misrepresentation of facts, and his work to undermine tolerance of religious diversity by agitating religious fundamentalists and inciting action against other religious groups. He has been an adversary of the Vampyre Community also, and is one of the sources people refer to when forming an opinion – a skewed opinion – of what the real VC is about. The problem with his claims are many, including how 1 person could have attained so many positions in so many religious bodies in the time specified, and also the detail that the type of “vampire” which Schnoebelen claims to have been, according to his own description – is entirely of the fictional variety.

Wikipedia Bio 

Bill Schnoebelen “former Illuminati member” is a fraud: “His claims of having sex with a demon are actually quite tame compared to what he says in another video titled Interview with an Ex-Vampire, where he states that within in the vampire subculture, human vampires exist and indeed grow fangs to feed off of human blood. A small subculture of “vampires” actually does exist, but they are not walking dead who turn into bats and sleep in coffins. They are a small minority of the gothic subculture who do drink animal or human blood as part of their lifestyle. Usually they do not kill people for this blood, but they have friends and fellow “vampires” willingly give up a pint of blood for consumption, or they purchase animal blood from butcher shops and consume it. But Schnoebelen takes this idea to an absurd extreme, claiming that to become a “real” vampire, he drank the blood of a fallen angel and was then able to grow fangs which would retract when he was not “feeding.” He says as a result of “becoming a vampire” that he couldn’t go outside during the day because his skin would blister, and that he had to get a third shift job because he could only go outside at night.” – Excerpt from Mark Dice’s book, The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction.

YouTube video: Bill Schnoebelen recently claimed to be an “ex-vampire.” However, his own words demonstrate that he is a fraud, as he doesn’t know the difference between the Hollywood vampire and the vampire that some people inEurope still believe in – let alone that there IS a difference.

Schnoebelen on Wicca: He repeatedly misrepresents and cherry-picks facts to suit his agenda. 

Bill Schnoebelen’s “Little White Lies” (part 1) by Kerr Cuhulain

Bill Schnoebelen’s “Little White Lies” (part 2) by Kerr Cuhulain

EX – Satanic Priest, Catholic Priest, Witch, Satanist, Ninety Degree Freemason, Vampire and more! 

Debunking William (Bill) Schnoebelen

Kobus Jonker: (“God’s Detective”)

Kobus Jonker was a Colonel in the South African Police who became a celebrity for his work in combating “occult related crime” in the 1980’s at the height of the “Satanic Panic” hysteria – a time when Pagan faiths were linked with “Satanism” and being in possession of anything Pagan could result in criminal prosecution. These days going by the title of “Doctor”, Jonker headed the South African Police Force’s ‘Occult-Related Crime Unit’ from 1981 until 2001, when he retired from the force after suffering a heart attack. The unit was disbanded after human rights groups claimed that it was not constitutional in a country that guaranteed religious freedom – since religious freedom in the SA Constitution and the Bill of Rights allowed Pagan religion to come out of hiding. His career earned him several nicknames, including “Donker Jonker” (Dark Jonker), “The Hound of God” and “God’s Detective”. He has written two books on the subject of Satanism inSouth Africa.

Jonker does not appear to have addressed the Vampyre Community directly in his time with the Occult unit, and he does appear to have a better (if not more sane) objective view of what makes a crime truly “occult related” instead of blaming everything from role playing games to rock music for “occult crimes”. In this respect, he differs from Bill Schnoebelen and Don Rimer, even though he still enjoys a sinister reputation in occult circles many years later. Jonker is today a Homeopath, and still trains Police officers in occult matters, although his actual level of expertise in religious knowledge is unclear.

“Dr. Jonker headed the South African Police Force’s ‘Occult-Related Crime Unit’ until 2001 when he retired from the force after suffering a heart attack. It would appear that busting the devil’s chops takes its toll eventually. The unit has since been disbanded. Dr. Jonker is certain that it will be reinstated soon due to the large number of occult crimes that occur on a daily basis in South Africa. He now practices homeopathy and acts as a consultant to the police force on all things demon-related. I went to speak with Dr. Jonker about some of the cases he has been involved with and some of the crazy shit he has seen in his battle against the dark forces of evil.” – Dr. Kobus Jonker: God’s Detective – by Henk Lustig.

“You delivered testimony at the trial of Morné Haarmse, a.k.a. the Samurai Sword Killer. Do you think Slipknot’s music influenced him to repeatedly hack at his fellow pupils and ground staff with a kitana? He was wearing one of those masks after all. Dr. Kobus Jonker: I assessed him. In part of my testimony I said that you can’t go and blame heavy metal when people go and chop other people’s heads off. You can’t blame music for that. I’ve also listened to heavy metal in the past. I’m still here and I’m not a Satanist. I don’t go and kill people if I listen to metal, it’s got to do with your own mental state and you choose to allow it. If you know it’s negative for you why don’t you leave it? Ninety-nine percent of people will listen to metal and not go out and kill. Probably even more than ninety-nine percent. It’s the same in South Africawith this band Fokofpolisiekar. You don’t listen to them and suddenly you want to go and kill every reverend. It doesn’t work like that. It’s a choice that you make and that’s where some people go wrong. ” – Dr. Kobus Jonker: God’s Detective – by Henk Lustig.

“Tell me a bit about your work that involved investigating cults. : Firstly, if I talk about cults, I’m not going to discuss pagans or wiccans because they’re not Satanists. There’s a huge difference between Satanism and esoteric religions. When conservative people see a guy in black clothes they just assume he’s a Satanist and that’s not true. I like black clothes myself; black is one of my favourite colours. If I wear black I don’t want people to call me a Satanist. You know what I mean?” – Dr. Kobus Jonker: God’s Detective – by Henk Lustig.

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