The South African Vampyre Alliance (SAVA)


The South African Vampyre Alliance is an independent and autonomous organization operating within the South African Vampyre Community.

Vampyre culture internationally is diverse in its nature and eclectic in its make-up – and as a local community body, the SAVA is a secular and impartial middle-ground which seeks to act as a voice for our community, our identity group and culture in this country.


The South African Vampi(y)re Alliance (SAVA) co-operative, working as an umbrella body within the South African Vampi(y)re Community (SA VC) for the purpose of giving structure to the Community and promoting the ethics, norms and culture synonymous with more established Vampyre Communities around the world, as well as promoting the culture of safe, ethical participation of individual members and non-members in the region of South Africa in collaboration with each other, acting together as the expression of the members desire to associate with each other as a unique body within the context of the greater Vampi(y)re Community.

For more information about Vampyres and Vampyre culture in South Africa, consult the SA Vampyre Culture Center website.

For inquiries or to contact the SAVA, please email

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