Donor & Vampyre Classification In South Africa

Donor classification in the SAVC - Samael Anathan

Like most of the culture we in the Vampyre subculture in South Africa have inherited, the system by which we categorized Donors came from the culture of the eastern USA, specifically the New York area. In 2013 some members of the SAVA came together to re-evaluate the terminology inherited from overseas and decided to find something more unique to suit our local community.

The system in current widespread use throughout the global VC labels those who are not Vampyres, including those who donate to Vampyres as “Swans”. Those who are hostile to Vampyres are called “White Swans”, while those who donate are called “Black Swans” as a group, while these are further divided into Crimson, Amber and Crystal Swans, for those who donate blood, blood and prana and only prana.

The modern VC – and certainly the local community, includes those members who identify as being “hybrids” between Vampyres and something else, usually some form of Therian or Were, and as confusing as this can be for the rest of us who are “plain old Vampyres”, it gets more perplexing when we speak of Therians and call our Donors “Swans”! Does this mean a “swan Therian”?

As Donors of any shape or form are considered to be angels of mercy, giving of themselves in order to sustain the Vampyre’s physical, mental and emotional well being, why identify them as Swans and not as the angels that they are? This system of terms, names and symbols has replaced the older system which was basically inherited from older VC’s, and placed our own stamp of uniqueness on our identity as a VC. (As researched, designed and proposed by Samael Anathan, and enacted by the SAVA as of 20130523.)


Isda Sanguis – Nourishment Blood (I.S)

Those who donate blood would fall under this category.

Isda Chi – Nourishment Chi (I.C)

Donors donating Chi energy would fall under this category. *technically all energy donated would be chi, but this would be chi direct rather than through blood or other methods.

Isda Eros – Nourishment Eros (I.E)

Donors donating eros or tantric energy would fall under this category.

Isda Varium – Nourishment Various (I.V)

Donors donating various different types energy would fall under this category.

We believe that this is the first VC system to give specific recognition and inclusion of Eros type feeders.


In terms of a Donor-Vampyre or vampyric Donor, the term currently in use – “Kitra”, means “Crowned One” in Hebrew. In a sense this doesn’t make any – well, sense. Samael and his assistants came up with an alternative running in the same – er, vein. “Leliel” means “Angelic ruler of the night.”

Leliel would be identified by:

  • Leliel Sanguis (L.S)
  • Leliel Chi (L.C)
  • Leliel Eros (L.E)
  • Leliel Varium (L.V)

The symbols for identifying the Leliel are visible in the diagram above, and Leliel identify in the same way as regular Isdae, but with the added vampyric ankh included to denote that they are also Vampyres.

New Terms:

Samael Anathan – who led this project, and his research assistants, also came up with some new terms to include in our cultural dictionary and lexicon.

  • Isda – the Hebrew name of an angel related to feeding or nourishment, interchangeably used with “angel” to describe a donor. Variants used to describe types of donors include Isda Sanguinus (IS), Isda Chi (IC), Isda Eros (IE), Isda Varium (IV).
  • Katura – a Sumerian word meaning “friend” or “ally”. This word is used to represent shinai who are friendly to Vampyres, synonym “black swan”
  • Leliel – The Hebrew name for the angel of the night – used to describe a Donor who is also Kindred or Vampyre. Synonym “kitra”. Variants used to describe types of vampyric donors include Leliel Sanguinus (LS), Leliel Chi (LC), Leliel Eros (LE), Leliel Varium (LV).
  • Rabishu – Sumerian word, meaning “evil fiend”. Used to represent those non-Vampyres who are aware of Vampyre-kind, but who hate or work against them. Synonym “white swan”.
  • Shinai – a word meaning a non-Vampyre, the unawakened, neither hostile nor friendly. Synonym “mundane”. (This word is already in use in our VC as defined here).
  • Ikkibu – Sumerian word meaning “forbidden thing”) – a banned or exiled member.
  • Gudanalartu – a contraction of two Sumerian words: gudanna (“attacker”) and lalartu (“phantom”) meaning a spy, saboteur or infiltrator.
  • Negeltu – a Sumerian word meaning “awake”, to be used to refer to Vampyres as “the Awakened”.
  • Halkutaru – a contraction of two Sumerian words: halqu (“lost”) and taru (“return”) meaning a former member wishing to return to the group.

Sumerian has relevance to us because the oldest known vampire and Vampyre references come from that area and culture, which carried over into Kemetic and then also Hebrew culture.

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