Getting Fanged

Fangs. In fiction all vampires have them. Well, okay, not all of them – in Twilight we never saw a single fang.  But as real self-identifying Vampyres, we all know if reality was a little more like the movies, we would all have fangs, right? The fact is though, that very few real Vampyres do have fangs, unless they are implants or snap-on items provided by a fang-smith. And those who do have naturally prominent canines certainly don’t have the ability to retract or extend them. So when it comes to fangs, forget what you’ve seen in the movies. For real Vampyres, fangs are cosmetic items – things we wear for gatherings and entertainment.


Yes, there are the plastic kiddie-fangs you can find at a party store – you know, the ones with that awkward folded hinge in the middle that are usually too small for adults anyway? Sometimes you find those comical oversize hollow plastic cap fangs you can stick in with dental adhesive, but white plastic doesn’t match the surrounding teeth so well, and looks sooooo faaaaaake.

You’ve seen pictures of fangs made by fang smiths around the world, right? Fangs that make the wearer look like they stepped right out of – well, not Twilight. Those are the ones you want. Trouble is, in South Africa, where do you get fangs like that? The last local fang-smith we knew about went into retirement a few years ago, and to date no news has been forthcoming of any replacement – so it is up to the individual to find their own cosmetic fangs for that Halloween bash or fang party.

  • The site How to make vampire provides very detailed step-by-step instructions with an illustrated page per stage on how to make your own fangs in ten “easy” steps. This method is actually closest to how professional fang-smiths around the world do it.


  • Wiki How also provides three amusing methods of improvising costume fangs for parties etc, including a less detailed version of the above workshop method.

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