The SA VC Calendar

The following dates of significance shall be marked in calendars as Days of significance to the South African community:

  1. March 21: Human Rights Day (South Africa – a Shinai public holiday).
  2. May 20: Founder’s Day, celebrating the founding of the South African Vampyre Community, and the SAVA and commemorating milestones and achievements of the community. On this day, the Regent issues a State of the SA VC address.
  3. September 24: Heritage Day, a Shinai public holiday. A day in which the SAVA marks vampyric heritage under the name “Vampyre Heritage Day”.
  4. October 1: International Donor Appreciation Day, celebrating Donors who sustain Vampyres through their selfless generosity. (Not celebrated in SA, but noted.)
  5. October 5: International Vampi(y)re Appreciation Day, celebrating the existence, value and uniqueness of Vampyre-kind. (Not celebrated in SA, but noted.)
  6. October 30 or 31: (Halloween) Vampyre & Donor Appreciation Day, celebrating the generosity and kindness of Donors and the unique nature of Vampyre-kind. This is the South African VC day to honor both Vampyres and Donors with the exchanging of kindness and gifts, and of course, to socialize and to celebrate our association and our significance. The date is also to be marked by the annual SAVA National Gathering and an Awards Ceremony.
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