– a site run by Steve Leighton, aka Whyte_Panther since 2008.

Category: Misinformation

This site propagates numerous falsehoods about the real Vampyre Community, including the fraudulent claim that Vampyres become Vampyres by means of a virus, or by being fed the blood of a Vampyre (laced with a virus).

The site is generally a misinformation site, designed to steer genuine seekers and the curious away from the real Vampyre Community, or to persuade them that real Vampyres and the Vampyre Community are in fact role players and mentally ill or deluded individuals. Rather, it presents the image, using manufactured statistics and other falsified pseudo-science to show that “real” Vampyres are the people who believe that Vampyrism is a condition brought on by a virus which in fact does not exist.

Many highly respected genuine information resources about the real community are slighted as “fake” and “posers” on this site.  The community  generally views his site as an embarrassment, while it provides a dangerous and confusing blend of around 10 percent fact, 90 percent fiction as “the truth about vampires”. It is strongly suggested that anything posted on there is taken with a shovel full of salt, and cross-referenced with reputable sites such as Sanguinarius or the Atlanta Vampire Alliance (AVA).


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