Anthony Hogg aka ‘the Vampirologist’

Anthony Hogg (aka ‘the Vampirologist’)

Category: Misinformation, vampophobic trolling.

Anthony Hogg – is an Australian ‘arm-chair critic’ with a passion for the fictional and mythological vampire who entered the online VC a few years ago. Presenting himself as an ‘academic’, and an ‘amateur vampirologist’, he has written numerous articles on his blogs about fictional vampires as well as critical articles about the VC and subculture. His ‘study of vampires in fiction’ and his articles appear to be the sole basis for his claim of being an ‘academic’. The drama and flame-wars in various groups across the VC resulting from his attempts to force his views on the community were not welcome, and by August 2015, Anthony Hogg had been banned and excluded from most if not all Vampyre Community Facebook groups and essentially is viewed as a ‘white swan‘.

More information about Anthony Hogg – 1, 2

The following websites critical of Hogg (and his co-troll and sidekick Erin Chapman) may also be of interest: Hoggwatch (2012) and Anthony Hogg (August 2015).

The following community warning/joint statement was issued on 08/09/2015:


We are posting this as a community service warning to prevent further damage to our community and its individual parts. All participants in the VC are free to choose their level of involvement with the above mentioned individual, but as leaders of our particular parts of the Vampyre Community, we feel it is our duty to caution the VC against such an undesirable individual.

It is with regret that we the undersigned separate ourselves from Anthony Hogg. We as Group Admins/Community Leaders et al cannot condone or tolerate behavior under the circumstances as described below:

• Pursuant to the recent surge in academic interest in the Vampyre subculture, numerous academic researchers have been generally granted access to VC groups on FB, to interact freely and socialize with self-identifying Vampi(y)res.

• However, this granting of access to the VC via FB is not without expectations of how a professional academic researcher ought to conduct themselves within the context of the VC subculture and/or VC groups on Facebook.

• Anthony Hogg has been interacting with the Vampyre Community via Facebook groups for a number of years, presenting himself as a ‘vampirologist’ – an ‘expert’ or ‘academic’ who ‘studies vampires’, and has compounded a list of infractions as follows:

• This individual is not a professional academic or a scholar in any scientific discipline and his aim is not to study the Vampyre subculture, but as admitted in open conversation several times, to alter it to suit his own biases – to match his questionable actions in VC groups which have resulted in flame wars and drama and intimidating behavior which has been costing the VC its most valuable resource – its members.

• His actual field of interest is the fictional/mythical vampire – not the living human Vampi(y)re, and his track-record in VC groups has demonstrated hostility and intolerance for individuals who identify as living Vampi(y)res, and whenever they introduce themselves as such.

• We strongly believe that it is not the place of an outsider to dictate to Vampyres how we should construct our own identity, our culture, or that we should expect our members or participants to have to put up with a hostile element, in particular any individuals who could only be described as ‘white swans’, and that the safety and integrity of the VC and our participants should be placed first and foremost.

For in-depth descriptions of the circumstances surrounding this warning, kindly view the following links for more information:

As a collective of VC group representatives, community leaders and Admins on VC Facebook groups we hereby encourage all other VC group representatives and VC Facebook groups and Admins to stand with us and to sign their support for this initiative and to take action to suit at the earliest convenience.

We strongly believe that it would be in the best interests of the VC and the subculture if agitators, trolls and hostile influences are totally removed and excised from all VC groups, forums and interactions, to ensure a better, safer VC for all participants.

Listing of groups and/or Admins signing support to this community warning:

1. Octarine Valur – ‘The South African Vampyre Alliance’ (SAVA), including sub-groups, namely ‘The South African Vampyre Community’, ‘Friends of the South African Vampyre’ and ‘The Vampire Unification Forum’, ‘Real Vampire Forum’ (RVF).
2. Dennis Myers & Carla Cadenas – ‘Blood Is Thicker Than Water’ (BITW).
3. Jason De Marco – ‘Castle of the Vampyre’, ‘House Obsidian Raven’, ‘The Sydney Vampire Guild’, ‘Real vampires’, ‘House Crimson Thorn’, ‘Vampyres Beyond the Myth’, ‘the Vampiric  Society’, ‘the Australian Vampire Society’, ‘the Australian  Vampire Community’.
4. Mina Von Ulf – ‘Vampyres Of Facebook’.
5. Lady S. RavenHeart – ‘Kingdom of Vampyres’, ‘Ravens Den’.
6. Kate Gallwey – ‘British Alliance of Vampire & Otherkin’ (BRAVO).
7. Daley Catherine Hodges – ‘Vampire Court of Austin’ (VCA).
8. Lady CG – ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ (Facebook and forum).
9. Mikyla Abigor – ‘Global Vampire Community’.
10. Davis Campbell – ‘Canadian Collaborative Vampire & Otherkin Alliance’ (CCVOA).
11. Aramond Sebastian Van Rahamdalph – ‘Texas Bay Area Court’, ‘Texas Bay Area Council’, ‘the New Age Kajira Training School’.
12. JP Vanir – ‘Vampyrian Temple’ (TUVUP).
13. Stefan Resurrectus – ‘Clan Resurrectus’.


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