Esoteric Articles Listing

The following are good reading on topics pertaining to energy work and vampyrism and Vampyre spirituality. These articles are sourced from the South African Vampyre Community.


My Awakenings – by Circe Arcanum

Late Awakenings – by Octarine Valur

So What Do You Think, Doc? Am I A Vampyre? – by Octarine Valur

Vampyre Nature: Part 1 – Awakening – by Octarine Valur

Dealing With Vampyric Hunger:

The Vampyre’s Prison Cell – by Octarine Valur

The Mantra of the Living Vampyre – by Octarine Valur

Vampyre Nature: Part 4 – “Vamping Out” and “the Beast” – by Octarine Valur

Vampyre Nature: Part 2 – Feeding – by Octarine Valur

Our Little Experiment – by Octarine Valur

Reality Bites – by Octarine Vaur

Reality Bites – by Aura Escher

The Vampyre’s Survival Guide – Surviving on Animal Blood – by Octarine Valur


And Now Ex-Vampyres – by Octarine Valur

How To’s:

Recognizing Signs And Symbols In Nature – by Psion Valur De Nocte

An Introduction To Astral Projection – by Circe Arcanum

An Introduction To Psychic Defense – by Circe Arcanum


The Wages of Senescence – by Octarine Valur

Inter-Vampyre & Vampyre-Shinai Romantic Relationships:

Love Bites – by Octarine Valur

Vampyre Love – by Aura Escher

Monster Is As Monster Does – by Octarine Valur

A Mundane Perspective – by Aleister Allen Poe

Paranormal Events:

In Darkness And Light – Part 1 of 4 – by Octarine Valur

In Darkness And Light – Part 2of 4 – by Octarine Valur

In Darkness And Light – Part 3 of 4 – by Octarine Valur

In Darkness And Light – Part 4 of 4 – by Octarine Valur

Regarding “Symptoms” of Being a Vampyre:

Depression and the Vampire – by Graveyard Press

The Ghost Inside – by Octarine Valur

Shinai Perspectives on Vampyres:

Theories of Origin:

The AngelKin-Vampyre Connection – by Samael Anathan

Mother’s Day – For Vampyres – by Octarine Valur


The Parable of the Were-Duck – by Aura Escher

Vampyre-Donor Relationship Dynamics:

Acceptance Lies Within – by Octarine Valur

Cause For Concern – by Octarine Valur

Communion – by Octarine Valur

Second Cut – by Rose Dantis

Into The Night – by Rose Dantis

Synchronicity – by Rose Dantis

Vampyre Thing – by Rose Dantis

Tipping Point – by Rose Dantis

The Last Supper – by Rose Dantis

Vampyres And Religion:

Fracking Vampires – by Raven

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