Religion, Beliefs & Spirituality

Vampyres, like anyone else, also have their own spirituality. Being a Vampyre is NOT a religion in itself, so Vampyres can choose whatever religion suits them, just like anyone else can. In the broader VC and in South Africa there are Vampyres who form part of all sorts of religions, but predominantly these appear to be Paganism closely followed by Christianity, followed by other diverse belief systems.

Aside from the mainstream religions, there are also some “home-grown” belief systems or “spiritualities” tailored to suit Vampyres. Often these are geared towards understanding their own vampiric nature, to working out their place in the Shinai world which surrounds them, or in how they relate to it – or to whatever deity they feel drawn to.

Many Vampyre Community groups or Houses are foundationally religious or spiritual in nature. Many carry the name “Temple of…” indicating this. Most Groups appear to respect the privacy of the beliefs of their members, without forcing a particular doctrine on them. Few appear to be wholly secular (non-religious). It seems that even secular Houses hold rituals to mark certain occasions, such as the initiation or welcoming of new members, and so on.

Secular Vampyre Houses often have secular (non-religious) rites which may be performed in order to give a deeper meaning to some of the events which take place within the House, such as rites of passage.

At any rate, there are Shinai religions, old and new, which feature some elements of vampirism in their fabric, rituals or belief systems, and there are also spiritualities and belief systems which have been tailor-made by Vampyres, for Vampyres.

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