Vampyre Strengths

The Vampyre’s greatest strength is self-knowledge. Knowing ourselves and knowing the world around us gives us the advantage over those who do not. Where Shinai are prone to suffer doubt and blind faith in the unexplained, we accept the unexplained as part of our nature and as a cold fact, and employ it in our daily lives. 

Advantages Of The Vampyre 

  • Natural Aptitude For Energy-work And Magick

By nature, Vampyres are magickal creatures, we feed on prana (life-force) energy, which is considered by some to be inseparable from magick. Indeed, energy-work is for all intents and purposes, magick in the true sense. Most Shinai who practice magick use rituals and circles and other paraphernalia to facilitate their workings. Vampyres by contrast are far closer to the nature of magick, and so we tend to have innate skills and an aptitude for the tasks of manipulating energy without needing all the accouterments and trappings of various cults and Shinai practitioners. Vampyre magick is called Vampyrcraeft. 

  • Longevity

It is a generally accepted trend that Vampyres do not show age as rapidly as Mundanes. The average trend seems to indicate that most Vampyres in their 30’s and older appear roughly about ten years younger than their chronological age, although it would seem likely that this lag can be increased in some cases.

Several examples exist in history where people accused of vampirism had used human blood for purposes other than simple feeding, and applied it towards prolonging their lives, or to maintaining a youthful appearance.

Today, we know that this is possible, at least to a degree. Blood for example, has been shown to contain properties which can be applied towards better skin care – in fact, a company marketing skin-care products has indicated the possibility of a range of products made from blood which show a marked improvement in maintaining youthful appearance.

Further, in recent articles propagated within the OVC, discussing vampyric ageing and the rejuvenating physical effects of ingesting blood. “There are very few articles available with regard to ‘vampiric aging’ yet we are faced with a population of vampires that are now in their 40’s and even approaching, if not already, the 50 mark. Many of our older community members, as can be attested through photos available on many internet sites, look no different than they did 10 even 15 years ago. ”

Also, another recent laboratory study has shown that the blood plasma of young mice injected into older mice had a rejuvenating effect on the older mice, prompting further study into smaller chemical components of blood and aging. It would seem that Shinai have finally caught onto what Vampyres have known all along – the blood is the life.

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